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Unscrupulous - Revisited

Tabitha's final solo act

Tabitha comes home to finish what she started.

Wet Work

Part 3 - WET WORK: Never Die!

Alliances shift and the agents must quickly adapt as their dangerous mission takes them into the rainforest and closer to the madman, Santiago!

Not The End

Not The End, Chapter 20

What next?

Beyond My Knowing

Beyond My Knowing, chapter 2

Leaving a peaceful life under the surface of her barren world, Kes travels up to the surface and through the desert. What she finds is danger, hardship, and... love, in the form of Anara, a beautiful Kazon woman who all too easily captures her heart. Anara was cast out of her community because of her failing eyesight, and she and her two young children have almost starved to death when Kes finds them. Kes helps them survive, and they become her family.

You Found Me Chapter 142

Everyone had eaten and most had made it by Bette and Tina’s table to congratulate them on their engagement. Tina’s family seemed to move up closer to sit next to them so they could visit. So Russ are you taking Jamie out on the town tonight and show her a good time, there are some

River's Way

River's Way, chapter 2

River Tam and Kaylee Frye are stranded on a rim world named Opal Shire, their ship, Serenity, having had to flee to escape a Reaver attack. Kaylee is injured in the crash, and River tends to her. Later, after Kaylee's injury heals, she and River start to fall in love.

The Island

The Island - chapter 16

The city of Angeles


Lesbiannicus-Chapter 3: Chosen Path

Everyone is faced with life altering paths the chosen path will seal ones fate. Bette and Gaia met with other scared members. Kit pays Tina a visit. Dana begs Laura for her understanding. Urena has accepted her fate as Alice remains fearful. Jennicus continues her wrath in her quest to conquer and rule all.

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