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Writers – turn your older chapters into a linked book. Super Easy! is home to ALL lesbian fanfiction AND creative writing!  If you’d like a fandom added it request a fandom. New fandoms added: Pretty Little Liars and Coronation Street. Once stories are posted, they’ll be findable in search.

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Bette is taking care of Tina in the hospital and Tina finds a way to return the favor


Bette needs to practice her speech, and what better help than her excited and mischievous wife?

Frozen Beginnings

Frozen Beginnings - Chapter Six


It Takes Two .....Or Four

It Takes Two...Or Four Ch. 3

Angie puts Phase 1 into motion


MCL 6 - Falling In

She-Hulk has made a path of destruction. S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Factor, and Stark Industries prepare for it. Meanwhile, Maria Castle becomes the Punisher.


DCL 6 - A War Is Coming

Vicki Vale talks about being rescued with Renee Montoya while Commissioner Gordon comes face to face with a masked vigilante named Huntress. A warning is made.

The Perfect Marriage

It's all a Blur

Tina and Alicia get closer. Bette and Tasha rebel.

Wet Work

WET WORK: Missing Women #12

Set in present day Libya Agent Porter and T travel by horseback to an ancient oasis to right new and age-old wrongs.

L- Games (Football)

football the L-Word way...or is it really consider football.

Disturbance – The beginning and the end Part 1

More of Tina and Henry past!

Am I In There Somewhere

Am I In There Somewhere Ch. 2

Chapter 2--Bette and Angelica head to Maui


The Normandy crew take some downtime in Shepherd's bachelor pad on The Citadel. The black-tie outfits from the casino mission are a causing a little tension between our favourite ladies.

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