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After All

No More Emergency Situations! - section 2-9

Holly comes to the Penny to help Gail and the rest of Division 15 celebrate Chloe's recovery

Bette and Tina


I'm back... and i think i got it... they say the forth time is a charm... lets hope the story posts... :)

It's a thin line between love and hate

Part 3 - I couldn't face life without you

Part 3 - The end.

Sensory Overload

Just a lovely little B&T fluff piece because I love them.

Wet Work

WET WORK: Super Charged

Agent Porter and T must come up with inventive solutions in their dangerous encounters with the Blonde Stranger.

Empire State of Mind

Chapter XIII - Empire State of Mind - Making Gold Disappear

Bette discovers a plausible scenario under which those behind making over 10 tonnes of gold disappear could have done it. Meanwhile, she needs more information from Tycho. Over in New York, over dinner with George, Tina realizes she may need to make a change.

The Island

The Island - Answers

Some answers but not the most important one. :)

Stay the night

A short story of Amy and Karma. When they first meet, is is faith or just luck? Is it love or is it lust? You decide.

Worth Holding On Too.

Worth Holding On Too Chapter 8


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