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Twisted Triangles Ch. 43

Eric pops the question, but Bette has a bad feeling. Takes place a few years before the present day story.

Twisted Triangles ch. 42

Bette's POV: Tina storms away from the Porter House. Bette has to figure out how she and Tina can move forward and not betray her brother. Will Alice have to come to the rescue...again?


Lesbiannicus-Chapter 1

Set in Roman times Lesbiannicus a prosperous city ruled by Queen Lenore has been invaded the blood line must be preserved at all cost.

Not The End

Not The End, Chapter 9

Is Bette too late?

WeHo: Behind the Scenes

Bette's Cooking Lesson - Weho: Behind the scenes -

Alice tells this humorous story of Bette's sudden mania to get everyone to eat healthy. After the cooking lesson Bette has a beautiful dream about Sunday mornings with Tina and then the dream turns disturbing.

You Found Me chapter 134

Out in Town part two.

#19 WET WORK: The Undoing

Agent T rushes to secure allies and launch a risky undersea rescue of Agent Porter

Not The End, Chapter 8

Kelly finds out what to do with the footage and Bette takes one final look..

Nobis Pacem

Life, loss, longing, lust. And Love.

chapter 20

Bette’s POV   There’s a knock on our door, I try to see what time it is, and realise that it is already past 9. The person knocks again and then I hear my daughter’s voice. “Mommy can I please come in, are you awake?” Tina is still asleep next to me, holding me like

Twisted Triangles ch. 41

2 weeks after the disastrous welcome back dinner. Eric is suspicious and Tina is very, very angry. Will Eric ever trust Bette and Tina to be in the same room again? Alice has to be the level-headed one. Oh boy.

Not The End, Chapter 7

Bette gets another chance to find the video footage.

WET WORK: The Hunted

Agent Porter and T search Jamaica for the madman, Santiago. Agent T takes Agent Porter to watch the cliff divers while Raymond and Charles gather intel on Santiago, then a strange thing happens.

Cabin Saints: It’s A House Party

I mean really can this vacation get any worse? Yes, why yes it can!

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

“Bette, baby, you have to try this. It’s amazing! It feels so good. I can feel it everywhere, on all my curves and all my edges, all my perfect imperfections.” I can hear T shouting at me from the bedroom while trying to maintain focus on the task at hand. To me, good oral hygiene

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