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Writers – turn your older chapters into a linked book. Super Easy! is home to ALL lesbian fanfiction AND creative writing!  If you’d like a fandom added it request a fandom. New fandoms added: Pretty Little Liars and Coronation Street. Once stories are posted, they’ll be findable in search.

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The Conversation

A short story about what happens when two strangers meet on a train, and the sparks fly....

Alice & Tasha: Sappho

Alice & Tasha: Sapphos Sunergeo

Saying goodbye is hard to do can Alice make things right before Tasha departs for war?

Witness Protection

Witness Protection Ch. 12

Tina and Sophia run into trouble. Clifton and Bette have some trouble of their own

Fée Marraine: A Fairy Tale in Four Parts (2)

Part Two: Mechicka

Frozen Beginnings

Frozen Beginnings - Chapter seven


Worth Holding On Too.

Worth Holding On Too Chapter 16



MCL 7 - Somewhere In Texas

Somewhere in Texas, a big throwdown is about to take place in the search for She-Hulk. Iron Woman, Rescue, the X-Factor, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Invisible Woman along with General Ross are all converging.


DCL 7 - In The Wind

The start of an eventful day from Washington, D.C. to Keystone City to Metropolis to Gotham City to New York City.

The L Space Station

The L Space Station-Planet T

Bette explores a new planet

Down to Earth

Sweet Carolina part 2

The girls go out. Tina receives some advice.

Learning To Love Again

Learning To Love Again-Chicken Soup

Tina is sick and Bette goes to visit

I Will Not Let You Fall

I Will Not Let You Fall

Chapter 6. Tina is conflicted.

Disturbance – The End of a Nightmare

Take a stand!

Love ... The bridge between our differences

Helena's audacity

Helena doesn't make a good first impression

Disturbance – The beginning and the end part 2

Tina's past come to an end.

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