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A TiBette Love Story: Hunger {33}

Bette took the blonde’s hand into hers and brought it up to her lips to kiss.  “I want you…to rest, sweetheart.”


“Mmmmm…whatever you want babe…”  Tina unknowingly whispered directly into Bette’s ear in a husky voice as she felt herself falling…falling into a peaceful place. 


Bette adjusted the pillows and gazed at a very tired Tina.  Whatever I want?  Fuck, Tina…don’t tempt me!  I’m trying so hard here…’


Tina’s heavy lidded eyes fluttered briefly then remained closed as she began her descent into a slumber.  Soon Bette saw the steady rise and fall of Tina’s chest and realized her love was finally asleep.


Bette let out a sigh…of frustration…of relief…of accomplishment…but most of all, of love.


Tina stirred slightly as Bette pulled the covers over her body and lightly kissed her forehead.  “Sweet dreams, baby…”


As Bette slowly began to move away, Tina shifted her body to face Bette and unknowingly draped her arm over the surprised brunette.


Bette tried her best to remain still and smiled as she gazed at the peaceful blonde in the dimly lit bedroom.  ‘You are so beautiful, Tee…’


Bette was sitting upright against the headboard and feet stretched out on the bed.  Tina’s arm was wrapped around her waist and soon placed one of her legs over Bette’s as well.


This was a scenario Bette had imagined far too many times to count in her head.  ‘Tina falling asleep…and waking up next to me.’  Bette caught her reflection from the dresser mirror and saw the goofy smile that the blonde always put on her face.  ‘Shane’s right’ Bette thought, ‘I’ve got it bad.’


Bette placed her hand over Tina’s.  Her thoughts continued to flit back and forth between the reality of having Tina right beside her and the dreams that pranced in her mind.  Either way, Bette’s goofy smiled expression was not going to disappear any time soon…despite the fact that Bette’s cheeks felt the tingle of a future facial cramp.


Eventually, Bette’s dreams dominated over present time thoughts and the brunette had dozed off.  Bette’s head jerked erratically in her sleep and the actions caused her eyes to slowly open and blink a few times. 


‘What time is it?’ Bette wondered.  Her focus zeroed in on her bedside clock and the green illuminated numbers flashed 2:30 a.m. in the semi-dark room.    

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  1. jikes says

    I agree with trecelovinit. Are you trying to melt me with anticipation? Because I can tell you it doesn’t work as well as cuteness or hotness do. And you’re very welcome.

  2. lover_of_silence says

    First of all, how dare you backslide from “R” to “PG 13″! LOL…you are forgiven for being a turtle, sweet torturer. Burn your fans as slowly as you want as long as you keep posting, ya hear? Say… did you just call me lover? Aren’t we too forward? LOL. PPVS. I survive on fanfic!

  3. says

    Sloooow burn… huh? I’m a good fireman (firewoman). Hey Tina! You Tiger come back! :o) [Although I love the sloooow foreplay. LOL! Oh! Alarm! 911… Here I go with my flirtatious ways again! Hmm…so, do you like this? Me too!] Ps.: My cat is said ‘hi’ for you. ^^

  4. Leishaisacutie says

    noo dont stop here! I am going on a trip sunday so i hope you have posted the next chapter then(hint hint, lol). No just kidding, do what you want, because its mostly good. I adore this story!

  5. akalittlered says

    That was just so mean that you stoped there!!!!! Tina is going to want to die when she finds out what happened the night before. I so love this story!!!!! Thank you Luv PPVS

  6. pattifloatn says

    Tina the tiger, that is a nice one. I can’t wait to see how Bette explains Tina’s night out on the town. Beyonce and Tina should be a good one for Bette to explain. Maybe Tina should try out for a waitress or bar server for the Coyote Ugly Bar. Damn I would love to see Tina dancing on the bar.

  7. Sammer says

    Can’t wait to hear how Bette describes Tina’s antics. I’m sure she’ll be very diplomatic but Tina will still be mortified…It’s so sweet that she trusts Bette so much, I love it.

  8. favcouple says

    Another excellent update roomie. I’m actually liking the slow pace and the slow build-up for that NC-17 you’re going to write.:) Thank you for this story!

  9. glazedcarrots says

    You always leave us wanting more Luv, very tempting post! I loved the Doritoes dream schtick! I’m just wondering how much Bette is going to tell her – will she divulge about the bartop dance and the swinging of the bra in the air???

  10. Scarecrow86 says

    Just in case you missed me, i’m back again. The last two weeks were so busy, my sister, her fiance and my little niece just moved, and so there was a lot to do and now finally i found some time to read again… so many stories to catch up on and I left my fav for the end of my reading marathon.. I think alice will be in a whole lot of trouble. And b&t just too funny… as always i can’t wait to read more… keep it comingand i like your turtle pace

  11. lc2138 says

    Poor Tina! She has no idea what she did. Hopefully Bette will break it to her slowly. I don’t mind the slow burn. I’m in for the long haul. Thanks for posting!

  12. banana says

    LuvTB, your story just lifts my spirits right up :-) Thanks for this funny and sweet chappy. Tiger T is adorable-sexy and Bette is taking good care of her. I see the eating theme is alive and well, haha! Maybe I’ll have some Doritos today

  13. says

    *giggles* Tigress Tina had Bette dancing on her tippy toes huh? I think its time for taking a little harmless payback, Bette should paint up the events of previous night *naughty thoughts* heehee ;) ps thanks for the story and u better pps *adjusting the helmet on head**grins*

  14. Hardyz81 says

    Really enjoyed the last two chappies, not sure how Tina’s gonna feel once she finds out about her drunken escapades though ;) The aftermath of a crazy night out is never pretty (we should know, huh) :P Can’t wait for the next one though. In the middle of writing my next chapter now, which is a MONSTER, it’s literally the longest thing I’ve ever written (and you’ve seen the epic 2k’s…) so might be a day or two before it’s finished, but hope to read something of yours in-between! Off to make lunch and then write some more and reply to your lovely pe :) Keep em’ comin’ Luv! (but not too many, as we know who the real top is round here) ;P

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