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Revisionist History: The Missing Six Months

Bette stood in the doorway to the nursery, watching as Tina nursed Angelica. She stepped inside quietly, and sat next to Tina on the small sofa.


"I love watching you two together," she said quietly. "Our lives seem so peaceful when this is what we’re doing."


"I’m glad it’s gotten easier to breastfeed," Tina said, admitting one of the fears that had been settled in the back of her mind. "I was worried it was always going to be a challenge. Now she latches right on and goes for it!"


"See, she is my daughter," Bette said with a smile.


"She’s as much yours as she is mine babe," Tina replied. "We’ll play the game they want us to play in order to make it impossible for them to turn down the petition."


Bette leaned over and placed a kiss on Tina’s shoulder.


"When you talked to Dr. Wilson did she give any indication how long it would be before you were allowed to – receive some loving?"


"She thought it would be at least another couple of weeks," Tina replied. "Doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we’re in the back seat of my Dad’s Buick at the drive-in though."


Bette merely grinned a response.


"Does that mean you’re up for a little sugar later?" she asked.


"It’s actually kind of arousing to know we can’t do everything yet," Tina admitted. "Honestly, I’m still too sore, but we can still have a little fun."


The timbre of Bette’s voice changed slightly.


"I bet I can make you come just by talking and caressing you from the waist up," Bette said confidently.


"If I can feel aroused just from nursing, them I’m sure you can do that too," Tina replied.


"How many times has that happened?"


"Just twice," Tina said.


"Oh, is that all," Bette said rolling her eyes. "Did you mention it when you spoke to the doctor?"


"I actually did get the nerve to bring it up and she said it’s quite common, but because it’s considered taboo, it is quite underreported," Tina said. "She even said some women have an orgasm when they’re breastfeeding. It has to do with the hormones or something. I don’t remember the details."

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  1. telizh says

    Great chapter, Its sad what IC is doing to them, I guess once season you had to hate Bette and then you felt sorry for here, So it now it is Tina’s turn to be hated, tho I don’t see how she is going to turn the tables. Pls write more!! :P

  2. cpq says

    Great chapter, I agree with the first 2 comments. Unlike most not only am I mad at Tina, but I am VERY mad at Alice. She was suppose to be Bette’s bestfriend and now she is all freindly with Helena. This is the same Helena who dogged Bette out in S2, and was slumming when she came to Tina’s place. It would seem that she and Alice would not travel in the same circles.

  3. Just Once says

    Thanks, Miss Swim! This was much needed. I so enjoy your Tina and Bette over the version that IC has decided to share with us this season. I have to add that although I am not mad at IC’s Tina, I am indeed upset by her actions. Please keep on writing these wonderful snippets because this is so much fun to read and if I had a vote I would love to see this in S3… Thanks again!

  4. bettyvhall says

    I really Helena is good for Alice right now.Tina cant think of much to say good,even tho we know her to be good and gentle,Just so tired of Bette getting used like a mop to wipe crap up. Thanks for keeping us happy with your stories

  5. azmama says

    I guess I’ll have to settle for your excellent story. This seems to be the only way Bette’s goin’ to git a little “sumthin’-sumthin'” from Tina right now.

  6. Down Low says

    So loving and beautiful JKS. I like many are starved for this kind of affection btw them. You did a marvelous job as always. Thank you for the emotion your writing inspires.

  7. Marti says

    JKS…now that was some lovin’ ;-) It seems diehard Tibetter’s are only going to get the B & T they want in fanfic stories like yours. Let’s hope S3 goes well for B & T…trying very hard to remain optimistic. Thanks for the story.

  8. robbeedee says

    JKS, That was adorable and horny. Not two adjective I usually put together but your latest installment demands them. Bette and Tina reuniting is always a heart warming scene but when written with such honesty and open emotions; it becomes breathtaking beautiful. This is your talent for all to see, hear and enjoy! I can’t wait to see if there is more from this period or a new direction to be followed. Regardless I will be here. Your Loyal Fan.PS you offer this santuary for all those disappointed in Seaason 3. Please continue this good work.

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