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Chapter 3

Tina could not quite put into words the attraction that she was feeling towards the taller agent. She shook Dana’s and Shane’s hands firmly in order to see if that peculiar feeling was there too but nothing, no electricity, no sense of familiarity like the one Bette’s hand provided before.

Maybe I was just too nervous… yeah it’s gotta be that Tina thought to herself unable to stop blushing.

After all the proper introductions were over and all the handshakes were exchanged they remained there silent for a few seconds, seconds that felt like years to Bette since she couldn’t stop feeling Tina’s eyes on her.

Why does she keep staring at me? And why does she have to be so beautiful? Bette thought as she heard a cough coming from the DA and silently thanked the older woman for breaking the uncomfortable moment.

“Do you have a conference room that we could use? We would like to properly introduce ourselves and answer all the questions you may have” Bette said addressing the DA in her usual collected and professional manner.

“Sure, please follow us” Peggy said while heading towards the door.

Once they were set in their conference room they sat on opposite sides of the big table facing one another and all the way there Tina still could not stop stealing glances at the brunette agent. It was as if her eyes were not able to leave the woman’s features, she couldn’t help it and she didn’t have a clue as to what the heck was happening to her.

“Ok, as I understand the threats that you’ve been getting have increased in number and violent content, and also there was an attack on Ms. Peabody’s home correct?” Bette was the first one to break the steady silence of the room and Peggy just nodded.

“Well let me just say that we’re here to protect you and we shall not interfere with your investigations in any way. Our only mission is to keep you safe from now until the trial is over and justice is made” Bette said in her cordial but at the same time serious tone of voice, her face not revealing any kind of emotion of any type.

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  1. Caramel4Vanilla says

    And the plot thickens tremendously can’t wait for more. Bette seems to care about Tina’s welfare more so than is needed so the connection is there.

  2. says

    This is good and love it. Sophia Turner and this is a good 1 not the 1 on Castle ahhaha but still love her lol. That was awesome and love it, can’t wait to see more, plese post soon, thanks!

  3. mette hartmann says

    I´ve just had a horrendously bad day at work – so please, I´m more than ready for Bette to go kick somebody´s behind…My money is on Helenas girlfriend (force of habit I guess).Great update. Thanks for saving the rest of my day.

  4. Merlion says

    Hi Anne!! :-) I am so happy and thrilled to see your name again! And with a new story! (and fyi: i still hope to read the continuation of your other story ;-) ) btw I just manage to catch up this one and oh boy! You can’t imagine how thrilled I was when I read them!! Superb! ;-) looks like you adopt new style in your writing and enchanting your readers into another dimension of Tibette ;-) thanks for sharing!! ^^, so looking forward to your next chapters and hopefully it’s soon :-D

  5. Dainty says

    Great premise and great story. They probably need to check the entire precinct and also check the janitorial staff, if it is an outside agency or in house. Someone has been paid royally to bug their offices and possibly homes. The team will find it all and protect them all the way. For once, I hope Alice keeps her damned mouth shut. Thanks for sharing the story.

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