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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 3A)

    When we finish eating it’s almost five. The sun is bright orange in the sky. I’m laying back on the bed with her head on my stomach. She has my shirt pulled up and is tracing her fingers over it. I can barely feel it, her touch is so light. Now that I think about it, she was gentle last night as well. -Best sex I’ve ever had though.- I remember how tentative she was.

    “Ash,” She sits up and turns to me.

    “Last night, was that your first time?” -If if was, why didn’t you tell me?-

    “Well,” She looks away. “no. Was I bad?” I think I hear her voice crack.

    “You were great. Better than great. I was just wondering. Because of the way you touched me.” I reach out and turn her face to me. She blushes.

    I kiss her cheek and lips, running my hands through her hair. Last night she was top the whole time so, I didn’t really get to return the favor. Her small body is strong and sculpted. Her arms wrap around my middle. I ask entrance to her mouth with my tongue. And get a taste but it dissipates soon after. -Are you topping me from the bottom?- I try again and get the same results.

    “What’s wrong?” I pull back.

    “I only got it done like a week or two ago. It’s still tender.” She opens her mouth wide, displaying a small black ball attached to a stud that goes all the way through.

    “Sorry,” I kiss her temple.

    “Nah, it’s totally worth it.” I kiss her neck, sucking and biting, leave a mark. A shiver runs through her. -You like when I bite you?- I do it again just to check; she sighs. Then I scratch her side where her shirt is pulled up. She takes in a short breath when I  drag my teeth across her collar bone. My hand sneaks under her shirt; up to her ribs. I can just feel them…

    “Do you want to go to the pool?” A strange voice says and I hear the door CLICK. I turn to find a redhead in a bikini. -Who the hell is this?- Normally, I’d ask her to join in but I feel very… irked by her presence.

    Ash sits up and I keep my hold on her.

    “Uh, Raven, this is Spin…” Raven smiles at me and gives Ash a look.

    “Sorry. I totally forgot she was supposed to come up here.” She whispers to me.

    “So, are you coming or what?” I imagine her as a gum chewing waitress five years from now.

    “So, are you leaving or what?” Ash’s retort bites Raven on the ass. The future head waitress of Denny’s clomps out.

    “We don’t have to go. I mean, unless you want,” She half looks at me.

    “Yes, of course I’ll meet your friends.” I end up wearing her spare bikini. -Floss, two dimes and a nacho chip…- On the roof sunlight warms my skin. I meet the girls from the bar last night. Jade, Kelly, Kim and Sarah. Those aren’t their biker names. Jade pulls Ash aside to talk. I can’t really hear what they’re saying but I know it’s about me. Subsequently, I decide to just go for a swim while I wait.

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