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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 4B)

    “What should I do?” I ask.

    “Do what feels right. I’ve only known her for ten minutes and already know there’s something special about her.” BJ points to the pool.

    “Yeah, there is.” I smile to myself. I look out over the ledge wishing I could jump off and spread my wings.

    “So, how’d it go last night?” A raised eyebrow.

    “Good, I think,” I try to stop the flashbacks.

    “How long have we been friends? You should know by now that I want the dirty details.”

    “Ugh, B. What do you want me to say? We had sex end of story.”

    “First, were you top, bottom or both?” I just stare at her.

    “You’ve got to give in sometime. You can’t hold out forever.” She’s right.

    “I know, I’m just used to being top.” I’m not a virgin it’s just been a long time. -She’s been under a long time.-

    “SPENCER!” I look into the water, there’s a blur of hair and SPLASH. Next thing I know I’m under water and Spin is kissing me. We mess around in the pool until the sun leaves the sky. Spin carries me to and from the elevator and then makes me wait outside the room. I stand there awkwardly for a few minutes and then lean on the wall. When the door opens her nakedness paralyzes me.

    Somehow, I end up naked too and then in the tub with her. Even though the water is hot I can still feel the heat from her center. She starts kissing me, wherever she can reach. I just lean back and enjoy it. Then she starts biting me, my clit and nipples become hard. I bring her hands to my breasts. My nipples are begging for attention. The way she plays with them builds heat in my stomach. I let my head fall back, lips brush her skin. I can’t resist biting her; pressing my teeth into the supple flesh, feeling her pulse under my lips.

    Her hand creeps down between my legs. As she starts rubbing my clit I feel like cumming right then. But I bite hard and shift my hips. She tortures me until I scoot back into her center. Again she carries me and throws me onto the bed. Her teeth go straight to my neck and her knee to my throbbing clit. I have to claw her back to keep the waterfall in.

    “Please Spin,” -I really can’t hold back much longer.-

    “Please what?” -I don’t wanna rush but I don’t wanna ruin it.-

    “Take me,” She drops down to my center, caresses my clit with her mouth, runs her tongue between my lips.

    “OH, Spencer….” I have never felt like this before. I am using all of my will power not to cum. But I’m dripping like a leaky faucet. She presses her tongue to my entrance and I jump a bit. When she sucks hard on my clit I can’t hold back anymore. An orgasm starts to shake my body. She shoves her finger into me. -Holy shit- It feels so good. She moves it against something inside that makes the heat burn in my clit and my fingers tingle. Her lips wrap around my clit and I literally melt. My cum sprays out and takes my energy with it. She licks it up and comes to hold me.

    “Go to sleep babe,”

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