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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 5B)

    I wake up in Spencer’s arms. -We’re supposed to leave today…- Is my first thought. I sigh to myself. I don’t want to leave yet. The last few days play through my head. Back to the roof, looking over the edge, wanting to jump off and fly. I remember the first time I flew…

    [Thirteen year old Ashley is pissed off. Her mother is bitching at her again.

    “Goddamnit!” She kicks the wall and the lights go out.

    “I fucking hate you!” She yells. -Thinks she can tell me what to do and just leave but I can’t go anywhere…-

    “You are not to see that girl again…” Ashley mocks her mother, making stupid faces in the dark. -What does she even care? She’s never here.-

    She picks up the phone and calls Jade.

    “Are you ok?” They say at the same time.

    “No, I’m so fucking pissed right now. She thinks she can just pull the Mother card whenever she wants. Ugh,” Ashley fumes. She feels a strange heat building up inside her.

    “I’m fine. You know, it never occurred to me that I had no idea what your mom looked like until she walked in on us. I’m surprised she reacted. I figured she wouldn’t even notice.”

    “I know. She never notices anything about me until now. Not when I cut, died my hair, pierced my lip, grew four inches, nothing. But make-out with a girl and suddenly she’s all parental instincts.” Ashley takes a breath and exhales quickly. Her chest starts to hurt.

    “At least she’s in Moroco now.” Ashley exhales again only this time her breath burns her lip. She brings her hand up to her face and pulls it back…

    “Oh shit, J…” Black and green fire is dancing on her finger tips…

    Ashley shakes her hand around trying to put out the flames but in the process catches a few posters and the next thing she knows her room is ablaze.

    Her only escape is the window, from which she jumps and falls quickly wishing she could fly. And then out of nowhere she starts to rise, tension building in her shoulders.

    When she looks back there are bat-like wings, 8-10 feet wide, flapping.

    She decides not to question it and flies harder into the night…]

    Presently, I take a breath full of Spencer’s scent and no fire escapes, I have it under control. -I wish I could fly away with you…-

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