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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 6)

    Spencer and Ashley lay in bed, holding each other. Thinking about the secrets they are hiding. Remembering the dream they had that night…

    [Tossing and turning in disrupted sleep a woman appeared to them.

    “Spencer…” She said.

    “Ashley…” She moaned.

    “You are a changeling. We are made of pure energy, plasma.” Her body disappears and a glowing blob replaces her.

    “The elders have sent our young here to Earth through the Paradox to keep them safe. Our universe is too dangerous.” Neither knew how she could be talking with no mouth.

    “Changelings can control water and air or fire and earth, manipulate matter and minor energies to suit their needs. Your abilities are unlimited once you reach full maturity. However, you must take care of the needs of your corporeal form. If your corpus dies on this plane you must cross over to ours at the next solstice or posses a new one by that time. If you fail your energy will dissipate.”

    “When our universe is safe you will receive the Call. You will all gather at a place where the Barrier is thin and a Paradox will open. You will come to the home planet to be sorted.”  

    “I will visit you again in time.”

    Both girls woke up with numerous questions floating across their minds.]

    Spencer wonders when the Call will come.

    -Not soon, I hope.- She isn’t ready to leave Earth yet.

    Ashley knows the Call will not come.

    -I know we’re the last ones.-

    She remembers the dream she had at 17.

    [A dark but shiny planet revolving around a red star. The star implodes, shattering the planet and it all gets sucked into a black hole. A sole light remains, however, dimming quickly.]

    -If she’s the one maybe we can revive the spark…-

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