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    Occult Investigations

    Occult Investigations

    1935; Manhattan, NY

    There are days when someone enters with tales of the paranormal, willing to pay whatever is necessary for the issue to be resolved. Then there are days like this. She looks out the window from her receptionist desk, watching passers by walk along the sidewalk, some occasionally stopping to look at the Occult Investigations sign in bewilderment. Checking her watch, she realizes it is time for lunch.

    Linda rises from her desk, adjusting her long black skirt as she does. Walking over to the door to her boss’s office, she wonders for a second if this will be the time she is able to knock on the door.

    “It’s open!” she hears from the other side. Not today.

    Linda opens the door and sees her boss with her left hand out with the palm up. Just above the palm is a spinning orange and black orb which Linda’s boss seems to be studying carefully. Linda is about to speak, but it is beaten to it.

    Rose: It’s your lunchbreak.

    Linda: Um, yes ma’am. I’m going to the diner in the corner. Would you like for me to bring you back anything?

    Rose: I’m fine, Little Linda, thank you.

    Linda: Yes ma’am.

    It is the office of Rose Psychic, born Rose Spiritus. “Little” Linda Flint exits the office and puts up the Out For Lunch sign on the front door of the business itself. She is referred to as “Little” Linda due to her 4’10” height. Linda is out to lunch.

    Inside Rose’s office, the orb continues to spin, occasionally providing Rose with images of interesting developments elsewhere.

    She sees a Texas Ranger inspecting small green rocks in the countryside. They look the same as others found in other parts of the world, dating back to her first vision of them in 1918.

    She sees a young lady in Kansas, teaching herself how to jump over a house and a barn. She sees the girl learning how to hover in the air, defying all laws of physics for humans.

    She sees President Eleanor Roosevelt signing a law into official existence.

    She sees a man being held hostage. He is chained to a wall in what appears to be a dungeon. The man holding him hostage is holding up what appears to be a badge. Getting a closer look, Rose recognizes it as a United States Secret Service badge.

    Suddenly, Rose’s mind takes over, psychically taking her to Washington, DC where a woman stands with her arms crossed, as if waiting for an update. A name flashes through to Rose along with a phone number.

    Rose takes a moment to catch her breath. The orb spins at a slower rate now before being held by Rose’s left hand for a stop. Rose looks over at her office phone and picks it up. She dials the numbers she has been psychically provided through her vision and waits for someone to pick up.

    “This is Agent McLane.”

    Rose: Hello, Agent McLane. I need to speak with you about one of your fellow officers. I’m afraid he’s in danger.


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