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    Something in the water chp 3


    Chapter 3

    Callie was just putting in her earrings when her beeper sounded. She closed her eyes – this was just not damn fair. She picked her beeper off the bed and looked at it “major rail crash – central Seattle – all surgical staff needed “
    Immediately she put her own feelings about missing her date with Amelia out of the window – this could be major and there would be lives to save and she would have to be at the top of her game. She left her earrings in but removed the sleek black dress and opened a drawer to pull out a black tee-shirt to get back into her normal clothes and get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

    Amelia had been in her car driving to the restaurant when the message had come through. Cursing she spun her car around and headed towards the hospital. She felt frustrated but this was a just a temporary setback – there was nothing plotting against them. It was just the lives they both lead – and if only a surgeon could understand another surgeon then you had to accept that human catastrophe was going to get in the way of at least 40% of your plans. But she felt that the payback from Callie Torres would make all this worthwhile – the more she looked at her – the more she desired her and the less she desired a man. There wasn’t a man in the hospital that could make her go weak at the knees like the tall and delicious Head of Ortho. For now she was going to have to forget about Callie Torres which was not easy

    “What time is it?” Amelia asked Jo Wilson who had been assisting her in the operating theatre. They were now washing their hands before going to check on the woman they had operated on at 10 the night before
    “5:30am “
    “Oh God – do you know if everyone else is still here?”
    “I don’t think anyone has been stepped down – mind you that was 3 hours ago”
    “You did well in there Wilson”
    “Thank you – you are such a fast worker – it scares me “
    “I had to work fast – normally I don’t but speed was what was going to save that little boy – not my tidiest work but it worked – we will need to keep an eye on him –do you think the canteen is open?”
    “I hope so because coffee is the only thing I can think about “
    Amelia removed her surgical gown and followed Jo out of the theatre and down to the canteen. There were several surgeons sitting clutching large cups of coffee – Hunt and Webber were sitting together right beside the door – they had no option but to stop to exchange pleasantries.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Hey welcome back!

      Coming out to family and/or friends/collegues can be scary, but if you truly loves someone you will do it. They need to take this slow. And i am still not sure if i can see them as a couple.

      I loved Arizona and Callie together, but i will give them a chance.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. dunnthat says

      If AMELIE wants to be with CALLIE then be with her,but if what other people think or opinions matter more than what she herself wants then she will never live her life.Get on with your life and whatever will be will be,right,wrong or different its your choice to make.Take the first step and the next one will get easier.thanks

    3. Blackbird says

      Hi, as others have said, glad you’re back. Amelia and Callie! How interesting! Did you watch Amelia’s ongoing nuttiness in Shonda’s first medical show, “Private Practice”? Oh man! The girl was a trainwreck! So, dangerous!
      I love the character, Callie, and she’s likely to take Amelia a part, as into little bitty bone fragments, if she gets too much crazy from Amelia – just my two cents. Callie is pretty fierce, and Amelia, is not a whimp, but she’s woman periodically on the road to her own demise.

      I do feel for all the shippers who love Calzona, because Shonda’s writers give them unending troubles. I’ll be watching how you handle this potentially explosive relationship you’re building over bacon and eggs!

      *By the way, I noticed a typo or two. Trust me, I accidently have ’em in my stories, too. “fantasizing” is one I recall.

      Thanks for writing about these two great characters!


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