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    Something in the water


    Chapter 2

    Amelia opened a couple of doors and checked inside – no. She had seen Callie go through the double doors a few minutes earlier but hadn’t been able to get away from Edwards in time to catch up with her. Now she was playing hunt the doctor. She tried a third door – the x-ray room and found the tall surgeon looking at a series of x-rays.
    “Hey there “
    Callie spun round and grinned at Amelia
    “Dr Shepherd “she said
    “Dr Torres “Amelia replied. It had only been a week ago that they had agreed to date and they still hadn’t managed to get a free few hours to be alone. They had managed a quick drink together after work and lunch a couple of times but it wasn’t the same as an actual date.
    “What’s your schedule like for today?”
    “Pinning this “Torres gestured at the series of x-rays
    “You can save THAT?”
    “I can “
    “Wow – what the hell happened to this poor so and so?”
    “A wall collapsed on him and then the jack that the fire brigade was using malfunctioned – breaking his leg there and there “ she gestured “And when it decided to work again it broke his shin there “
    “Gee – how long is that going to take?”
    “The bleeding is under control – this will occupy most of my day unless something else happens – what about you?”
    “Paperwork – I was hoping to get out around 5 and maybe go on a date “
    Callie groaned and turned to face Amelia “I don’t know “
    “We both know it’s not going to be easy “
    Callie looked at the younger woman – she was scared and flattered at Amelia’s interest in her. What scared her was her feelings were still raw for Arizona – she missed the blonde and she knew deep down she would always have feelings for her. But she was realistic enough to know that it was over – whether that was forever seemed to depend on the other woman. She had so many issues to work out and Callie no longer wanted to wait and be treated badly while that happened. But at the same time she was flattered – Amelia was sexy – those intense eyes and really cute smile.
    “No relationship is easy – at least most people get to find time for a damn date “
    “Impatient?” Amelia smiled and Callie melted a little more
    She pulled a face “You might get better offer “
    “I don’t want another offer “
    “What if “Callie began but stopped
    Amelia glanced behind her to check the door was closed before moving a couple of steps closer to Torres
    “What if nothing – I find you “she stopped – almost weighing up how much to give away. “I find you – very hot “
    Callie swallowed
    “Very hot indeed “Amelia’s voice had dropped to a whisper.
    The door opened before Callie could reply – it was an intern.
    “What do you want?” she snapped at him
    “Mr Perry has crashed “
    “Oh hell – okay – go – I will be right along “
    The intern scattered leaving the two women alone
    “Go “Amelia said
    “We have to have this date “
    “We will – go “
    Callie started to walk away

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    1. Bibi28 says

      I don’t mind the spoilers, I suspect that in my country the serie will not be broadcast before Oktober.

      I begin to like the idea of Callie and Amelia together.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. dunnthat says

      CALLIE is u in or out?AMELIA r u finish this time with ur ex?Getting to know someone after heartbreak is a challenge in itself but add lingering feelings ,unwanted advances and u looking at a recipe for disaster.NOW i’m ok with CALLIE having her roll in the hay but AMELIA will never replace ARIZONA even if her name starts w an A.These two need some alone time to really talk about where these exes fit into the here and now.thankspps

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