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    A Bad Day

    Stef had had a terrible day. She was not sitting on the beach watching the waves. She knew Brandon was safe at her mothers. Her and Mike had had a massive row because he was drunk. She knew the divorce was hitting him hard but she couldn’t cope him yelling at her and throwing Lena in her face every time he had a drink. She’d decided to get some quite time. she sat on the sand. Wearing a t-shirt and baggy three quarter cargos. Her flip flops next to her bare feet. A baseball cap covering her face. she was looking out onto the blue water moving softly. She heard someone behind her she didn’t look up.

    “I’ve been looking for you.” Lena’s soft voice said. Stef looked up smiling as Lena sat herself beside her, wearing a suit as Stef knew it was school day and her woman had been working.

    “Sorry I should have phoned.” Stef said softly. Lena took her hand softly.

    “You sound so down babe.” Lena said, linking their fingers together. Stef looked back out to the ocean. Loving the feeling of Lena being so close.

    “I’ve had enough row with Mike, the worst one yet.”

    “Where is Brandon?” Lena asked,

    “Mom’s taken him away for the weekend.” Stef said. She wanted to cry. She didn’t want to show weakness.

    “What were you rowing about?” Lena asked, rubbing Stef’s hand.

    “nothing.” Stef said slowly not wanting to admit what had happened.

    “You need to talk to me Stef, the only way our relationship is going to work is if we talk to each other.” Lena said softly. Stef smiled. She looked at Lena who was watching her, like she was only person in the world.

    “We were rowing about you.” Stef said softly. Slowly playing with the sand with her toes as she looked back out. “He said you’re a fad and I’d get over it. he said that I was just sleeping with you to find out what it’s like to be gay. I just got mad. I told him a few home truths, that I’m a lesbian like I told him year ago when I left him for you. he…” She stopped Lena was watching her.  Stef was looking out. Not letting go of her hand. Lena kissed her cheek.

    “Take your time.”

    “I told him I love you more than anything. That I’m going to be with you forever. We live together for God sake. We are looking at fostering children together. I’m fed up of defending my relationship with you.” Stef said.

    “Fancy a walk down the beach?” Lena asked. Stef smiled, getting up picking up her flip flops. Stef took Lena’s hand and they slowly started to walk along the beach. Lena pulled Stef closer and put her arm around her waist. Stef smiled. Holding onto Lena.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “You’re allowed to have down days Stef, you’ve been going through a tough time with your divorce. Mike’s not made it easy for us.” Lena said softly.

    “I am fed up of defending you, you’re my girlfriend. The woman I love.”

    “I love you babe. You’re amazing.” Stef stopped looking at Lena. she took a deep breath.

    “I love you too, dinner?”

    “What do you want?”

    “Do you want a honest answer?” Stef said

    “Yeh please.”

    “I really want greasy fatty food.” Lena laughed.

    “Come on we’ll get take out, and we can have an early night.” Lena said, smiling.

    “Sounds amazing.” the walked towards their cars.


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