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    A Dinner Party

    Stef came of the kitchen and headed to the door. Tess had phoned her and they had arranged for them to have dinner. Stef knew she was bring Richard with her. Lena had decided to cook a three course meal with the help of Stef. Stef opened the door and smiled.

    “Hi come in.” She said stepping out of the way, taking in Tess in a short dress that showed her chest off. She was dressing to thrill Stef thought. Richard was in a shirt, vest and jeans.

    “Hi,” Tess said taking in Stef who was wearing a tight fitting shirt and tight fitting jeans.

    “Come in,” Stef showed them into the sitting room as dinner wasn’t quite ready.

    “Nice house.” Richard said. “You two must be doing well for yourselves.” He handed her a bottle of red wine.

    “thank you,” Stef said not taking in the comment about how well they were doing. She didn’t want to admit they are mortgage free because Lena’s parents had paid for the house. Lena came out of the kitchen and smiled.

    “Hi, dinner will be ready shortly.” Stef smiled at her wife, who was wearing a stylish dress, unlike Tess’s.

    “Thank you. you have a lovely home.” Tess said as she walked over to the piano where there was a recent photo of Stef, Lena and all five of the kids. She looked at it. it had been taken at a day out recently and they all looked so happy Tess took it in.  Richard looked at his wife.

    “Where are the kids?” Richard asked.

    “Jesus is training, Mariana and Callie have gone to the movies. Jude is at his best mates and Brandon has gone to see his dad.” Lena said as Stef watched Tess. Looking at their family. Lena rubbed Stef’s shoulder. “Why don’t we move into the dinning room and I’ll get the starters.” Lena said, Stef smiled. Showing them into the room. She sat them on the far side of the table before taking the seat beside the head of the table.

    “Ahh so you don’t sit at the head of the table.” Richard said, Tess gave him an evil look. Stef simply smiled.

    “Oh I don’t pretend to be the head of this family. Lena is that, so I’m not going to take her seat.” Stef said grinning as Lena bought in the salmon starter. Before taking her seat. She looked around.

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