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    A Dinner Party

    “So Richard what do you do?” Lena asked as everyone started eating.

    “I’m a banker.”

    “Ahh,” Lena said, as Stef looked down at her meal.

    “I believe you are a vice principle.”

    “Yes, I am.” Lena said, Stef smiled looking up to find Tess watching her.

    “Do you enjoy it?”

    “It’s hard work but it’s worth it.”

    “Do your kids go to your school?” Tess asked.

    “Yeh, all five are there.” Stef said smiling.  Richard looked around the room.

    “This place must have cost a lot.” He said, Tess looked at him. Lena simply smiled.

    “We got a good deal on it.” She said, as they eat.

    “Who does the cooking?” He asked.

    “What is your problem?” Stef said suddenly she could tell he was unhappy about something.

    “I don’t have a problem.”

    “Yeh you do, so I’d rather we got it out in the open. You see the thing is my wife here.” She pointed at Lena “Is very open which means we have to be open.”

    “I…” he stopped when he looked at Tess.

    “I would rather he spoke Tess to be honest.” Stef said, as she poured wine for everyone.

    “I would rather he didn’t.” Tess said. “You shouldn’t be rude.”

    “They want me to be honest.” He said looking at his wife. Stef could see something she remembered. He loves her more than she loves him.

    “Well I don’t I know what you’re gonna say.” Tess said

    “What that they are dikes because I think they already know that?” Richard said, Lena tensed.

    “We would prefer it if you didn’t use that term. Lesbian is fine.” Lena said. Stef reach over taking her wife’s hand and slowly rubbing her wedding band.

    “Oh Lesbian is fine. Did you know that your wife was caught cuddling on the couch with my wife 20 years ago.” He was jealous. Both Stef and Lena saw it. it flashed before his eyes.

    “We weren’t doing anything.” Tess said, “Stef was just holding me.”

    “I know.” Lena said. “Stef told me when we first got together. I’m the only woman Stef has been with if that’s what’s bothering you Richard.” Lena slowly linked her fingers into Stef’s.

    “Oh and you believe that all they did was cuddle.”

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