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    A Hospital Visit

    Lena walked into the hospital room where Stef lay, an oxygen tube up her nose. Lena was just glad that she didn’t have a tube down her throat. Stef’s eyes closed and she looked like she was sleeping peacefully. Lena had had a chat with the nurse and knew that Stef had had a bad night. She was in pain from the wound in her side. Lena sat on the stool beside Stef’s bed, taking her hand into hers and kissing it. before gently rubbing the back of it with her thumb. Slowly Stef opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Lena.

    “Hey,” She said slowly.

    “Hey,” Lena reached over and kissed her. before sitting back down.

    “How did you sleep?” Stef asked.

    “Not great, not the same when you’re not beside me.”

    “I missed you too.”

    “Well at least you didn’t have Mariana in your bed.” Lena smiled.

    “She just needed her Mama.”  Stef said, yawning.

    “Yeh, and I needed my partner.” Lena said slowly. Stef looked across at her.

    “I’m right here.” Stef reached up pushing Lena’s hair out of her face.

    “Babe,” a tear ran down Lena face. “When Mike called me I thought…”

    “What?” Stef said, holding her hand not wanting to let go.

    “I thought I’d lost you.”

    “I’m not going anywhere. Right now I’m in too much pain to do so.” Lena smiled.

    “You’re smart mouth Stef.”

    “I know love.” Stef grinned. “I love you,”

    “I love you too. I just want you to come home.”

    “Well give it a couple of days and I should be allowed to come home.”

    “You think?”

    “I’m healing.” Stef said.

    “But you’re in pain and if you try and tell me you are not Foster I know you are lying the doctor told me.”

    “Yes but that’s to be expected I’ve been shot.”

    “Please don’t remind me.” Lena said. Looking down at Stef’s hand. Stef linked their fingers together.

    “I love you so much. I’m sorry to put you through this.”

    “I hate that you’ve got a gun. I hate that you’re a cop but you know what I love you more.”

    “Wow that’s some speech.”

    “I know. But it’s true.”

    “I wanna come home. I want to be with you and our kids.”

    “It’s best that you stay here Stef, just until the doctor says you can leave.”

    “Okay,” Stef lay back her eyes closing. Lena looked at her, glad that she still had her and that everything was going to be okay.


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