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    A Little too Loud.

    Lena rolled over snuggling into Stef, her hand pushing up Stef’s tight fitting t-shirt her hand going onto Stef’s toned stomach. her fingers slowly grazing along the soft skin she knew so well. Lena reached over and kissed Stef’s neck softly. Stef’s eyes opened, as Lena’s hand found her breast and her fingers started to play with her nipple.

    “Babe,” Stef whispered into the darkness.

    “Mmm.” Lena said as she kissed her neck again.

    “What do are you doing?” Stef said, smiling into the darkness.

    “Right now?” Lena asked back. slowly running her lips along her Stef’s face to her ear.


    “I’m kissing you and playing with your amazing boobs.” Lena said.

    “Are you honey babe?” Stef asked.

    “A little bit.” Lena said, grinning. “The kids should be all sleeping now, I want you babe,” She said smiling, Stef rolled over, making Lena’s hand go to her bare back as she looked at her. her hand going to her wife’s face pulling her close. As their lips meet they both moaned softly. The kiss deepened and within moment Stef was pulling at Lena’s PJs trying to get her wife completely naked. Lena smiled into the kiss and broke away to get naked throwing her clothes onto the floor. She rolled back to Stef and grinned at her now naked wife.

    “Just the way I like you.” Lena said slowly

    “What Naked?”

    “And ready for me.” Lena said, laughing as they kissed again, this time with Stef pushing Lena back onto the bed, taking the top position. She slipped her thin body between her wife’s now open legs and looked down at her.

    “You’re perfect.” Stef whispered before kissing Lena’s neck, knowing what she wanted to do. She slowly moved down taking her time to kiss nearly ever inch of Lena’s chest. Lena lay her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of her wife’s lips on her body as Stef, licked her stomach. she giggled. Stef loved that sound. She always loved it when sex was full of laughter. she licked the spot again making Lena giggle again a little louder. She smiled to herself as she got to Lena’s mound. She kissed It softly before moving lower. Then she found it, slowly she locked her lips around Lena’s sensitive clit, sucking gently. Lena put one hand into her wife’s hair holding her there while the other gripped the bed sheets.

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