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    A Little too Loud.

    “STEF, God woman.” Lena yelped as Stef went from sucking to licking to sucking again making Lena feel amazing. she’d taught Stef about oral sex nearly 11 years ago and now she was perfect with it, knowing how to make her scream and how to make her cum in seconds. From what Stef was doing she was doing it to make her scream and make the love making last as long as possible. Stef was being slow, loving and gentle and it was driving Lena crazy. She was moaning and gasping, her body shaking. her breath coming in gasps as Stef slowly made love to her with her mouth. Stef stopped, just as Lena was about to cum and Lena let out a noise that made Stef smile. She moved back up her body. “Why did  you just stop?” Lena managed

    “So I could watch you.” Stef said as she looked deep into her wife’s eyes and push two fingers deep into her. Lena looked up at Stef, moaning as her hips moved with Stef’s skilled fingers.

    “STEF. OH GOD…BABE” She couldn’t help screaming as she came hard around Stef’s fingers, her whole body shaking. it had been a while since she’d felt this amazing and the waves of pleasure just washed over her Stef was still moving slowly inside of her, making the orgasm last that little bit longer. It was all she wanted. as Lena came down from the high she looked at Stef.

    “I hope none of the kids are awake.” Stef whispered. “Because you’ve just yelled louder than you have in weeks.”

    “Well when your partner hits that perfect spot it’s bound to happen.”

    “I love you,” Stef said as she got off Lena and licked her fingers clean. Lena rested her head against her shoulder. Holding her close.

    “I love you too.”




    In the next room Jesus pushed his head phones into his ears. He couldn’t believe it. yeh he had his own room again but he had just heard his mom pleasing his Mama and it had more than grossed him out. He lay there listening to music but he could still hear them. He couldn’t believe it. he never wanted to think about his mother’s even kissing never mind having sex and having noisy sex that. He screwed his eyes shut trying his best to get rid of the image. He never ever wanted to hear that again. just when he thought they had finished he suddenly heard his mom moan his mama’s name. a soft groan and moaning. They had started again and this time it sounded like it was his mom getting the pleasure. He felt sick, he gripped his blanket and went into his old room, wanting to sleep and not listen to his mothers making love to each other. He was more than a little grossed out.

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