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    A Parents Love

    Sharon watched her daughter, who was playing with her mug. A habit she had got from her father. Something that always made Sharon away that something was up with Stef. She knew she was having problems.

    “What is it love?” Sharon asked, looking at her only the child. The complete joy in her life. since she had left Frank the only things they had in common now where their daughter and their amazing grandson.

    “Nothing mom.” Stef said dismissively playing with her mug.

    “Don’t lie to me Stephanie Marie Foster. I know something is wrong with you.” Stef looked up at her mom and smile. Glad that she’d come to visit.

    “I duno how to tell you mom.”

    “tell me what?” Sharon said, reaching out and taking her daughters hand mainly to stop her playing with mug. Sharon took in her daughter. She knew her marriage to Mike was falling apart and she knew that her daughter had lost some of the spark she’d had when she was a teenager. Sharon thought back to that time and thought perhaps she should have done more for her. but it was too late now.

    “I’ve meet someone.” Stef said softly.

    “As in another man.” Sharon asked. hopeful. She didn’t like Mike’s drinking or the fact that he took Stef for granted.

    “No mom, erm.” Stef looked down at their hands. she didn’t want to say it. she’d only said it to Mike but now she needed to say it to her mom. “I’m gay.” She barely whispered her voice was so low. “I’m a lesbian.” This time it was a whisper. Her mother realised her hand and Stef wanted to cry and she did a single tear running down her face. she felt Sharon’s hand under her chin and lifting her head.

    “Finally admitting that is hard I know sweetheart but you know what it doesn’t change a darn thing. You’re my daughter. You’re my little girl. why the tears?”

    “Dad…” Stef stopped and wiped the tears away. “Dad won’t like this, I’ve fallen madly in love with a woman who I can’t live without.” Stef said with passion. Sharon smiled.

    “Wow,” Sharon said.


    “You’ve never spoke like that about anyone apart from Brandon. that passion in your voice is completely new. She must be very special.”

    “She is mom, she’s perfect. she’s amazing. I look at her and I go weak. I want to be with her. she makes me laugh, smile wow she’s just well…” Stef stopped. Sharon smiled.

    “I don’t love you any less because you love a woman.”

    “I’m gay mom.”

    “I know, I’ve known since Tess. I know you father sent you to see a minster. I shouldn’t have let him. he will understand in time love.”

    “I hope so.” Stef said, taking a drink of her now cold coffee. She put it to one side.

    “What’s her name?” Sharon asked.

    “Lena Adams, and she’s an assistance vice principle and she’s studying for her PhD in Child Studies.”

    “Wow you know a lot about her.”

    “We’ve been for coffee, got to know each other. Erm. Mom I told Mike I want a divorce”

    “That’s a good thing love. If you don’t love him the way he should be loved you’re best to be out of there. So you can start again. have you spoken to Lena.”

    “Not yet. I want to tell you and dad and then tell Lena how I feel.”

    “That’s good. I’ll go with you to your dad if you want?”

    “Would you?” Stef said, needing her mother’s support right now. knowing how hard it was going to be.

    “Always. I love you Stef, no matter what. You being gay, straight. Bi whatever. It wouldn’t matter to me as long as you are happy. You’re my daughter and I love you completely.” Stef got up and hugged her mother, crying softly. Glad that she had at least one of her parents on her side.


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