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    A Parting


    Stef opened the door into her father’s kitchen with Lena close behind. She hadn’t wanted them to get into another row. She didn’t want Stef driving around mad. she’d almost lost her once she didn’t want it to happen again.

    “Dad,” Stef shouted. “Dad, it’s okay I’m not here to yell at you.” Stef said, she looked at Lena and shrugged her shoulders. They moved into the living room. Frank was sat in front of the TV, sleeping. With the game playing on the TV. Stef picked up the TV remote. She switched it off.

    “Dad…” She gently shock his arm.  “DAD…” then it hit her he wasn’t breathing. Tears filled her eyes as she stood there. Lena watched her wife crumble. “Dad.” She whispered. Lena stepped forward checking his pulse. Before looking up at Stef who stood there in completely shock. Lena pulled out her phone and called for an ambulance, explaining what was happening. She watched Stef leave the room, tears rolling down her face. Lena followed as Stef stood in the kitchen. She’d grown up here. In this house. Now her father had died here. She gripped the counter and held on as the sobs came. Lena walked in just as Stef let out a mini scream. She went to her at once. Gently wrapping Stef in her arms pulling her into a hug. Stef fell apart. Her body shaking with sobs. Lena held onto her, her hand in her hair as Stef held onto her. Lena slowly rubbed her back knowing that Stef was totally falling apart in front of her.


    Hours later Stef lay on her side of the bed, hugging a pillow. She hadn’t eaten and she’d barely moved. Lena had done all the calling around. Lena walked into the room. Looking at her wife. She’d never seen Stef like this and she didn’t know what to do. So she decided to do the one thing she could always do. She walked over, kicked off her shoes. Getting onto her side of the bed, and shifting over she spooned Stef from behind. Putting her arm around Stef’s waist, pulling her into her. Stef went willingly. Linking her fingers into Lena’s.

    “I’m here baby.” Lena said, kissing her neck as Stef cried softly.


    “I know babe.”

    “I loved him. he may have been an ass but I love him. love him so much. He was my dad.” Stef whispered.

    “I know love.” Lena rubbed her fingers. Wanting to hold her completely. Stef rolled over, putting her head into Lena’s chest holding her close. There legs interlocked. Lena slowly running her fingers though Stef’s hair. “I love you, I’m here.”

    “Where are my babies?” Stef asked slowly, not wanting to move, she felt save in Lena’s arms.

    “they are all downstairs playing video games. I’ve told them. They’ve cried.”

    “good,” Stef slowly moved her hand up and down Lena’s back holding her close. Lena kissed her head. “This is new.”

    “What?” Lena said slowly.

    “You’re in my arms and I’m kissing your forehead.” That made Stef smile like Lena knew it would. Lena kissed her lips.

    “I’m suddenly tired.”

    “Crying does that babe, you sleep.”

    “Don’t leave me.” Stef said closing her eyes. Lena slowly ran her fingers through her hair and held her close having no intention of leaving her wife. She was here for her. totally and utterly. She watched as Stef’s breathing finally went even and she was sleeping. Holding her close. She just lay there. Holding her close. Not wanting to let her go. She hated seeing her baby in so much pain.

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