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    A Reaction

    Stef sat on the sofa, holding Brandon. he had a bad dream about the beating he had gotten that night and now she was just holding him as he slept against her. it had been years since she’d held him like this but seeing him in the hospital had broken her heart completely. He had had a cast on his hand which had been broke during whatever had happened. She had pressed for details but Lena had made her drop it and just be there for Brandon. Stef had sent Lena to bed, knowing that her now pregnant wife would need the rest and didn’t need to sleep on the couch with their son. Brandon’s phone buzzed and Stef noticed it said Dani she looked at the text. ‘baby are you okay?’ that’s all it read. Stef felt an anger. She didn’t know where it had come from. She turned  her head and looked at her son whose eyes where now open.

    “Why is Dani texting you that?” Stef said passing her son his phone. she watched him go red. Then it hit her. “What happened?”

    “I…erm…got drunk…she erm…we…erm…”

    “What B please?”

    “Kissed and then had sex.” He whispered. Stef didn’t know how she remained calm.

    “Oh my God. B that’s your dad’s girlfriend.”

    “Ex girlfriend.”

    “That’s not the point B. she’s in her 30s.”

    “I know.” He looked so small right now, with cuts and burses to his face.

    “Look get some sleep,” she said kissing him. she got up and walked into the kitchen. Getting herself a bottle of water from the fridge. She drank half a bottle before the doorbell rang out. She looked at her watch and saw it seven am. She went to the door as she heard Lena’s soft feet on the stairs. She opened it and saw the one person she didn’t want to see.

    “What the hell do you want?” Stef said to Dani, who stood looking shocked.

    “I just wanted to make sure Brandon was okay.” Dani said slowly. Lena had no idea why he wife was angry but she was about to find out.

    “What so you can sleep with him again.”

    “again?” Lena softly whispered as she saw the woman’s blush she knew it was true. She couldn’t believe it.

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