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    A Reaction

    “That shouldn’t have…”

    “Happened. You’re right it shouldn’t have happened. You slept with my sixteen year old son. How could you do that?”

    “I…” She stopped looking at Stef, whose fists where clenched. Lena came beside her wife and gently took her hand. Slowly Stef’s fist unclenched she slipped her fingers into hers.

    “How could you? seriously. he’s not even an adult yet.” Stef said. Her voice even. It was scarier then when she was mad.

    “I have no answers for you.” Dani said slowly.

    “Well I have an answer for you.” Stef said, as Lena gripped her arm to stop her moving forward. “You stay away from my son, otherwise I’ll not be reasonable for my actions.”

    “You wouldn’t do anything.” Dani said. Stef let go of Lena’s hand and stepped forward.

    “Honey, don’t”

    “Yeh listen to your wife.” the way she said it was bitter.

    “Jealous.” Stef said, moving so that Dani was out on pouch and her and Lena could close the front door so the kids didn’t hear. Lena stood behind Stef, near the door. Rubbing Stef’s back

    “Of her, I don’t think so.”

    “Well you are jealous of something, that I was with Mike and we have Brandon. because if that’s it you may not have noticed but I’m a lesbian and I’m married.”

    “Oh I know you’re a lesbian and you are also the reason why Mike can’t commit.”

    “So you thought hey, Mike won’t commit to me why don’t’ I sleep with their son.” Stef said,

    “No, you broke him you know that.”

    “I made a mistake. We all do them. But you know what. He has had 11 years to get over it.” Stef said, looking at the woman she wanted to slap. It had been a long time since she’d wanted to slap someone.

    “Well you are still hurting him. you settled down and got the life you wanted.”

    “Hey don’t’ turn this on me and my family. You had sex with my teenage son.”

    “I think you should leave.” Lena said softly

    “Like you care.” That was it Stef snapped she stepped forward.

    “Don’t you ever speak to my wife like that. She’s been B’s mother for 11 years. She’s dealt with cut knees and teenage tantrums she’s drove him to lessons and made sure he has gotten the best education. She’s a brilliant mother. You…well you have an unhealthy interest in teenage boys. Now I think you should take my wife’s advice and leave before I decide that words are not enough.”

    “You can’t you’re a cop.”

    “Oh I can and I will. You see my wife and kids are my world. you’ve stepped over the line. You stepped so far over the line that you don’t even know where the line is. I will say this once and once only. You are to leave, you are not to text or contact our son again. if you do you will not know what has hit you. now I’d like you to get off my property. I’d like you to get in to your car and forget about Mike and forget about Brandon and go and mess someone else’s lives. Got it.”

    “perfectly.” Dani turned and Stef and Lena watched as she got into her car and left. Stef turned to Lena and kissed her softly.

    “Brandon slept with Dani.”

    “Yeh. Not sure what the hell is going on but we can deal with this.” Stef said. “But first I want pancakes.”

    “Mmm, our baby and I would like pancakes too.” Stef smiled before running her hand along her wives stomach.

    “Come on you two then pancakes.” With that they stepped back into the house, glad none of the kids where about.

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