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    A Reunion

    We walked together towards the  hotel where the school reunion is being held. I didn’t want to come but Lena decided that we had too. I put my arm around her, holding her close, I feel her arm go around me. I love this closeness. It’s not often she does this. she doesn’t like physical connect in public places we don’t usually go to. Tonight she is wearing a lovely long black dress. With her heels. She looks amazing. I’m so proud she’s my wife. I’m wearing a shirt, vest and tight fitting jeans. With my favourite boots. A pair that Lena had bought me years ago. We walk into the hotel and head to the room. As I walked up I smiled seeing a woman in the hotel uniform watching us.

    “Hello, are you here for the reunion.”

    “Yeh, I’m Stephanie Adams Foster.”

    “Ahh yes. and guest.” The woman said.

    “My wife,”

    “Okay, “ the woman ticked a box and let  us in. I walked slowly now holding my wife’s hand.

    “Would you like a glass of wine?” I asked, looking at her smiling.

    “Yeh, come on lets go to the bar and then you can see if you know anyone.” I grinned. I didn’t want to be here. The only person I wanted to remember from high school was Tess and to be honest I’d not seen her in years. Since my dad had caught us on the sofa. Not doing anything but cuddling. We walked over the bar and I ordered us wine while Lena looked around. As I paid I knew someone was at the side of the me. I turned oh my God It’s Tess. She’s a pale woman with laughter lines. Her brown hair tired back. but those eyes I knew them at once.

    “Tess.” I said smiling.

    “Stef, wow how are you?”

    “I’m good, how are you?” I said grinning. I knew Lena was next to me but suddenly I’m looking at the first woman I’d ever liked.

    “I’m great so you here with your husband?” Tess said, my face must have shown my shock.

    “Erm no.” I said, “I’m here with my wife.”

    “Wife what you came out?” Tess said slowly. She looked as shocked as I felt.

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