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    A Step Too Close.

    Lena sat in the living room with Timothy, Stef had text to say she was running late after arresting someone two minutes before the end of her shift. Lena looked at Timothy

    “So what is all this about?” He asked, sitting next to Lena on the sofa, a glass of wine in his hand that Lena had given him.

    “Stef and I want to talk to you about being our donor.” Lena said slowly.

    “Ahh, so you’re taking me up on the offer.”

    “Well it depends what Stef says.”


    “We have some concerns.”

    “Which you wanna talk to me about.” Timothy said, smiling. “Is it because I fancy you.” He said.

    “What?” Lena looked shocked. Moving slightly away.

    “You must know that I like you.”

    “And you know, I’m gay and married.”

    “I know.” He said. “I’m not going to do anything about it.”

    “Okay.” Just as she was about to speak again the front door opened and Stef walked in, in full uniform. Lena got up and walked over to her.

    “Hey baby.” Stef said.

    “Hey babe, Timothy is here.”

    “Okay, I’ll just go and lock my gun up.”

    “Okay.” Stef went upstairs. Lena looked at Timothy. “I’ll be two minutes.”

    “right.” He said. Watching as Lena followed her wife. Lena walked into their bedroom as Stef was removing her t-shirt and putting on another shirt.

    “You okay?” Stef asked.

    “Don’t lose it.”

    “About what?” Stef said she changed into her baggy blue cargos.

    “Timothy has just admitted he fancies me.”

    “he’s not the only one.” Stef said at once.

    “You’re not bothered.”

    “Yes I am but you know what Lena I trust you, and last time I checked you’re a lesbian. I’d be more worried if he was Mikes girlfriend coming onto you.” she smiled. Before kissing Lena. “Shall we go and give him hell.”

    “Play nice Stef.”

    “Sure.” They went down stairs and Stef sat in her arm chair looking at Timothy. As Lena sat on the arm of the chair.

    “Do you want a glass of wine babe?” Lena asked.

    “No thanks.”  Stef said looking at Timothy. “First thing I would like to say is that you can look at her but you touch her and I will not be responsible for my actions.” Timothy looked at her and nodded. “But apart from that friends.”

    “She told you then?” Timothy said.

    “Yeh, we’re that kinda couple. You know we talk to each other. Helps keep the magic going” Stef said as he hand went onto Lena’s leg, who linked her fingers into Stef’s

    “So what do you want to talk about?”

    “We’d like to use you as our donor.” Lena said

    “However I want you to sign a donor contract.” Stef said.

    “What kind of contract?” Timothy asked looking at the couple.

    “You’ll basically sign away your parental rights.” Stef said slowly.               “You’ll have no say in how the child is raised.”

    “So basically it will  be just your and Lena’s child.”

    “Yes.” Stef said.

    “I can agree to that.” Timothy said.

    “good, our lawyer will be in contact with you.” Stef said, before getting up. Timothy knew he was being dismissed he had managed to get on the wrong side of Stef. Stef went into the kitchen while Lena saw him out. Lena walked into the kitchen to see Stef getting stuff ready for dinner.

    “You scared him.”

    “Good.” Stef said. “You my love are mine.”

    “I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s” Lena said pulling Stef in for a kiss. “I love you.”

    “good because I love you too”

    “What we having for dinner?”

    “I was gonna put the grill on and do steak.”

    “You know how to treat your woman.” Lena grinned.

    “Yeh and we’ve got five growing kids who need it too.”

    “Sweet talker.” Lena grinned. Stef kissed her as the front door opened and their peace was shattered and the kids all appeared, laughing. Stef smiled. Enjoying her kids chatter. She took a deep breath and went outside to start the grill.


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