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    After the Adoption

    Stef walked into the bedroom and smiled at Lena sat on the bed, removing her shows. Stef walked over and without speaking, her put her hands on either side of Lena’s face and made her look up, slowly she lowered her head and kissed her softly and slowly, she pulled back and smiled into the face of her wife. Lena grinned. Stef rested her forehead against Lena’s.

    “You’re happy?” Lena whispered.

    “The only thing that would make me happier right now is it Callie had been adopted today.” Stef said, sitting down next to Lena. she slowly ran her hand along Lena’s flat stomach. “Our baby is in there.”

    “It’s going to get so complex with Timothy.” Lena said looking down at her hands. which were now on her lap Stef reached over and took her hands, playing with her wedding ring.

    “Yes it is. But I’m ready to fight.”


    “That baby is ours. We had a verbal contact with him to sign that contract. I am this babies other parent.” Stef said smiling.

    “Yes you are. You’re the one who made love to me. you’re the one who got me pregnant.” Lena said slowly. Stef slowly kissed her.

    “Yes I did.”

    “I love you.” Lena said softly

    “I love you too.”

    “What a day?”

    “I know,” Stef smiled. “We’ve adopted our son.”

    “I can’t wait to adopt Callie, I hope the lawyer has some joy finding her biological father. I told her this evening that she’s apart of this family anyways.” Lena said.

    “That’s true.” Stef said slowly. “I don’t love her any less because she’s not an Adams Foster.”

    “I know. I love her too.” Lena smiled. Lena then yawned she was tired. Stef got up, opening the closet and pulled out Lena’s favourite PJs throwing them onto the bed. Lena smiled as Stef pulled hers out. Lena got up and went and washed and changed. When she came back Stef was in bed, laying on her back, her arm over her face. Lena remembered her wife’s words for the week or so before when she’d said they hardly cuddle anymore. She got into bed. slowly she moved her pillows closer to Stef before putting her arm over Stef’s stomach, Stef looked up and smiled. Moving her arm so that Lena could put her head onto her shoulder. Holding her close. She gently kissed Lena’s forehead.

    “I love you so much.” Stef said.

    “I love you too,” Lena took a deep breath. “This is amazing.”


    “Cuddling with my wife in our bed.” Lena said.

    “Well thanks to my mother we’ve not been doing much cuddling in bed.” Lena laughed.

    “I love cuddling you,”

    “What even 10 years later.”

    “Yeh it’s better after all this time.” Lena grinned. Stef kissed her head again. before they both settle down. Stef gently rubbing Lena’s back. “Honey.”

    “Mmm.” Stef said, just enjoying the hug she was getting.

    “I’m sorry about this total mess.” Stef looked down and saw that Lena was watching her.

    “I know babe. We’re going to get through this. we’ve been through worse. Okay?” Stef said,

    “I couldn’t do this without you.” Lena said slowly. Snuggling into Stef’s body.

    “I’m not going anywhere.” Stef said. “We are in this together. I love you Lena.”

    “Love you too babe.” Lena whispered as they both closed their eyes.


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