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    After The Talk

    Stef walked into the bedroom. She had told Brandon it was his choice if he wanted to live with his dad. She felt completely gutted. She sat on her side of the bed. talking a deep breath. She started to remove her shirt to get ready for bed. she felt Lena’s hands on her shoulders, slowly rubbing.

    “How did it go?” Lena asked, as Stef took a deep breath. Enjoying her partner’s hands slowly working out the knots in her back

    “He is okay that we are going to let him choice. Mike makes me so mad. he also said that he loves having two moms.”

    “Good because that’s not about to change,” Lena grinned. To moved her hands so Stef could take off her shirt, and bra before she started rubbing her shoulders again.

    “You have magic hands you know that Love.”

    “I do, they make you moan.” Stef smiled, looking over her shoulder and grinning when she realised that Lena was totally naked.

    “Are you gonna make me moan now?” Stef asked,

    “take you jeans and panties off and I’ll see” Stef got up and did as she was asked. before paying the bed as Lena slowly rubbed her back, before kissing her spine. Slowly licking down Stef’s spine.

    “Mmm, God love.” Stef moaned softly. Lena got up, opening the locked box in the closest as Stef lay on her stomach, her hands over her head.  Lena pulled on Stef’s favourite toy. She then went back to Stef. Slowly kissing her spine. She managed to get her onto all fours. Stef lay there as Lena slowly pushed the toy into her already wet woman. she put one hand onto the bed and one onto Stef’s slowly swinging breasts. She kissed Stef’s back. Stef reached back to slowly rub her own clit as Lena slowly moved in and out of her. Stef moaning and gasping.

    “I love you so much” Lena whispered as she lent over and kissed Stef’s shoulder.

    “Feels so good, you kissing me babe, ahh,” Stef’s knees agave in and she feel flat onto the bed, with Lena still moving inside of her. Lena pulled out rolled Stef over. Before pushing back in. Stef wrapped her legs around her. Lena slowly moving in and out of Stef. Who pulled her down into a kiss. They kissed and slowly made love. Lena knowing that Stef just needed to feel wanted. Stef looked deep into her eyes as she came hard. Moaning. Trying not to scream. Lena hugged her woman who was shaking with the force of her orgasm. Stef kissed her.

    “Thank you.”

    “Did you just thank for me for making love to you Stef?”

    “Yeh I think I just did, wow not done that since we first go together.” She laughed as Lena pulled the toy out.

    “Come on we need to shower,” Lena said smiling. Stef grinned.

    “yeh okay, I love you so much.” Stef said kissing Lena.

    “I love you too baby, now shower” they ran into the bathroom. Grinning at each other.

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