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    All In One Day

    They could hear the music before they entered the room, looking at their daughter. They really couldn’t believe this was happening. Lena switched off the music, as Stef crossed her arms over her chest. they meant business.

    “He,He,He you scared me.” Mariana said as she spun round, wearing the hat. Stef looked at her.

    “Nice hat,” Stef said her voice level.

    “Is that the one you stole?” Lena said. Her voice dead pan. She hated the fact that one of her children had stolen from a store. Mariana pulled the hate of.

    “I didn’t steal it, I swear. It was Kelsey.” She said at once. Stef looked at the ground. She was starting to get angry now.  She gave off a slight laugh.

    “If you knew it was stolen why didn’t you return it.” Lena said sitting on their daughter’s bed.

    “Erm, because Chase really liked it.” she said, in a way that should make everything okay.

    “Kelsey, Kelsey who you are not suppose to be hanging out with Kelsey?” Stef said unfolding her arms and resting her hand onto the bed.

    “I know I just thought because it was for school stuff you know the play.” Stef looked down before making eye contact with her daughter.

    “Well, you can pack up all of the costumes young lady because you are done. No more extra curriculum activities.” Stef’s voice was still level.

    “What? All because of a stupid hat?” Mariana was getting mad now. She didn’t want to be with Chase

    “No Mariana.” Suddenly Stef’s voice had gone stern she meant business. “because you are suspended,”

    “Kelsey told about everything, including the pills.” Lena said softly, being the calmer one of the two. She’d had a rough day and this was just the icing on the cake. Mariana looked shocked but knew that this would come back to bite her. they had nothing more to say to her so they left the room heading for their own bedroom. Stef started to undo her police uniform shirt.

    “What a day?” Stef said as she wife sat herself on the end of the bed removing her shoes.

    “Yeh, Jesus gets punched in the face, Jude is hording food, our daughter’s a thief and Brandon’s gone crazy.” Lena said, ticking them off one by one her hand. Stef turned.

    “Jude is hording food, what?” she knew about Jesus’s black eye, she’d spoken to him after finding out how angry Lena had got. She’d joked with him and things were good again.

    “Yeh, he…erm…thought because of Callie he would get sent away.” Stef stopped completely midway though pulling her shirt off. She looked at Lena. completely gutted.

    “You told him right, that we love him and that he is safe here.”

    “Yes. of course I did babe.” Lena said getting up and kissing Stef, loving her concern. “he gets it. we’ve thrown the food out. I think he just gets scared.”

    “I can understand that.” Stef said. Hugging her wife. “I want him to feel safe.”

    “He does, well I hope my pep talk walked.”

    “I’m sure it did baby I’m sure it did.” Stef kissed Lena. “I’m going for a shower.”

    “How would a bath sound?” Lena asked. looking deep into Stef’s eyes. She wanted to feel close to her.

    “Sure why not?” Stef grinned, as she watched her wife disappear into the bathroom. Knowing that things weren’t perfect but at least they had each other.

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