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    Stef stood at the sink washing the last of the dirty plates from dinner. She had offered to do it because she needed to think. Her mind was racing. It had been a long day. Listening to Brandon confessing to what he had done over the last few weeks had ripped her heart out. She’d been quite at dinner. The fact that her son, had done something as stupid as what he had been doing, hurt her completely. She hadn’t even told Lena yet what was going on. She didn’t know how to tell her. how to explain that the ‘golden boy’ had fallen. She wanted Brandon back at the house. back in the home. Back with his family. Back where she could keep an eye on him. he wasn’t doing any better at Mikes and Mike’s girlfriend had been covering for him. there was a knock on the door. Stef dried her hands as Lena opened the door. Stef walked into the hall and looked at Mike stood with Brandon who had his bag with him and Dani stood with them

    “What’s going on?” Stef asked putting her hands onto her hips.

    “I’ve come home.” Brandon said, not looking back at his dad or his dad’s girlfriend.

    “Right you need to go and ask Jesus to go back to his room.”

    “Okay mom.” He didn’t touch her he simply walked up their stairs. Stef watching him go before looking at the woman her former husband was now dating.

    “Out of all Mike’s crack pot girlfriends you are the worst.” Stef said walking into the family room

    “How dare you?” Dani said following. Lena went to stand next to her wife, while Mike didn’t really know what to do. He was angry at her but he didn’t think now was the time to raise that.

    “How dare I what?” Stef said, her hands on her hips, looking at the woman who had covered for her son.

    “I tried to help.”

    “Help you call what you did help, you’ve filled my son’s head with shit.” Stef said.

    “Honey.” Lena said rubbing her shoulder, hating that she was cursing.

    “Well if you were a better parent…” Dani stopped as Stef moved forward. Lena gripped her wife’s hand. Pulling her back.

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