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    Another Dinner with the Ex

    Stef pulled the car up outside of the restaurant, she looked at her seven month pregnant wife. How things had changed since they had last seen or heard from Gretchen. She’d emailed out of the blue asking them to dinner again, maybe to mend some bridges, she’d burnt last time.

    “This is odd.” Lena said slowly, looking at Stef as they waited for the parker to come and get their car.

    “How so?” Stef asked, taking her hand. Lena looked great in a top that showed off her stomach and now larger breasts, she was wearing lovely tailored trousers as well. Stef had gone for jeans and a shirt with a blazer over the top. As she’d been in uniform all day and now couldn’t be bothered dressing up for dinner with a woman she didn’t even like.

    “Well last time we saw Gretchen she was going on about marriage and babies and now we’re married and expecting a baby.” Lena said Stef reached over putting her hand onto her wife’s stomach.

    “Yeh, but you’re the one happy in a relationship and she’s still trying to be a teenager shagging anything that moves.”

    “Honey.” Lena said smiling even though she was trying to tell her wife off.

    “What?” Stef said as the man came to the car, she got out and walked around as he helped Lena out he took the key’s to their SUV and they walked hand in hand towards the restaurant that Gretchen had chosen for them. “This place looks like it could break our bank balance.” Stef said as they walked towards the man on the front desk.

    “Well let’s hope she’s paying.” Stef laughed at her wife’s words.

    “Hello how may I help you this evening.” The man at the desk asked.

    “Hi, We’re Mrs and Mrs Adams Foster we believe we’re booked in.” Stef said slowly he looked down

    “Ahh yes, please this way.” They followed him and saw Gretchen sitting at a table reading through the menu, she got up when she saw them her face a little shocked. Stef looked stunning, she couldn’t take her eyes off her. she suddenly saw what Lena saw in the cop. She then took in Lena, once they were at the table, they all said hello before Stef helped her wife sit and made sure she was okay, asking the waiter to bring Lena some OJ.

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