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    Another Dinner with the Ex

    “Wow, I didn’t expect this.” Gretchen said once the waiter had disappeared. Stef was openly holding Lena’s hand and Lena was playing with Stef’s wedding ring.

    “What do you mean?” Lena asked, Stef was looking at the menu.

    “Well from the look of you, you either put a lot of weight on or you’re expecting a baby.”

    “She’s expecting a puppy.” Stef said, without looking up. Lena laughed.


    “What? That’s one of my better jokes.” Stef said looking at her wife.

    “True. You’ve said worse.” Lena then turned her attention back to Gretchen “Yes we’re expecting a baby in about two months.”

    “Do you know the gender?” She asked, suddenly interested

    “Not yet, the baby is just like Stef.” Lena said, Stef showed mock horror on her face.

    “What you saying about me Mrs Adams Foster?”

    “That our baby is just like you, stubborn.” Lena replied as her OJ came she thanked the waiter and asked for a few more moments before they ordered their dinners.

    “You can’t blame me for that one babe.” Stef said, Gretchen sat watching them. They hadn’t been this close when she had seen them last time. something must have happened. She hadn’t really heard from them since she had left the house after going on and on about marriage.

    “I can blame you and I will.” Lena said,

    “Fine.” Stef said before kissing Lena’s hand. “Why do I put up with you?”

    “Because you love me.”

    “True.” Stef laughed. “So Gretchen been up to much?” Stef asked.

    “Travelling, you?”

    “Oh you know, got shot, asked Lena to marry me after coming around from being shot, got married, had a teen run away, had no honeymoon and managed to get my wife pregnant, so not a lot really.” Stef said winking at Lena at the making her wife smile.

    “Sorry, you got shot?” Gretchen said slowly. Before either Lena or Stef could answer the waiter arrived and too their order. Once he was gone Stef looked at Gretchen as she said again. “You got shot?”

    “Yeh, we thought Jesus was in danger I went to find him, got shot by his mother’s boyfriend.” Stef said as if it was nothing. Lena just held onto her hand.

    “But you are okay right?” Gretchen said.

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