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    Another Dinner with the Ex

    “She’s fine.” Lena said. “She’s the same old Stef she ever was. Just now married and more of pain.”

    “It’s my job as wife to be a pain.”

    “So you got married?” Gretchen asked.

    “Yeh at home, DIY wedding.” Stef said.

    “Yep, it was lovely my dad married us.” Lena pulled out her iPhone and showed Gretchen the cover photo which was a photo of her and Stef stood together, looking into each other’s eyes, their foreheads resting against each other after they had just kissed to seal the deal.

    “Wow you both look stunning. Sort of knew you were a pants sort of girl” Gretchen said to Stef.

    “I prefer them. Plus Lena always looks good in a dress or skirt I can’t compete with that.” She said. Lena smiled.

    “Teen run away?” Gretchen asked next

    “Yeh that’s sorted she’s back home now adopted and not going anywhere.” Lena said. Rubbing her stomach.

    “You okay love.”

    “the baby’s kicking again.” she said smiling, Stef reached over rubbing her stomach.

    “Leave poor Mama alone you. you didn’t that all last night and she barely got any sleep which meant I got no sleep because she wakes me to tell me what you’re doing so please for once behave.” The baby kicked and move again. “Great another child that doesn’t take any notice of me.”

    “Well at least this one is starting young.” Lena said laughing at her wife’s sulky look. Gretchen looked at them

    “Something has changed with you two.”

    “What do you mean?” Lena asked,

    “Well you seem…well…more in love than last time.” Gretchen said. As their food arrived. Stef looked at her wife.

    “Well I don’t think I could love her any more. She makes my heart sing. I love calling her my wife, and sure we’ve got problems but you know what I wouldn’t trade her for the world.” Stef said slowly. Grinning at her wife.

    “I’d trade you in.” Lena said.

    “Harsh and for who?”

    “Erm, didn’t think that far ahead.”

    “So no trading me in then Foster.” Stef said to her wife.

    “Fine, I’ll keep you.” Lena grinned.

    “Have you two always had banter like this?” Gretchen asked.

    “No, only since she got pregnant has she given back as much as I’ve given.” Stef said, she smiled as they eat. Gretchen paid for the meal after the talk turned to her travels. As they were leaving they were waiting outside. Stef with her arm around Lena. no one had spoken about the last time they had met. And no one mentioned it now they simply said goodbye and got into their cars. Stef happy to take her wife home and just relax knowing that she had nothing to worry about from the ex and knowing that she was completely in love with Lena.

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