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    Another Night

    Stef and Lena had got into bed talking about the fact that Wyatt was back and that Callie seemed to be happy about it. as that conversation faded out Lena pressed the button on the remote, however her side of the bed did not move it was Stef’s side that went up.


    “Oh I’m sorry.” Lena said, Stef didn’t look impressed. She reached over for the remote on her bedside table and they swapped. Stef pressed the button to lower her bed as Lena pressed to bring her side up.

    “Hey, do you think for one night we can sleep on a level playing field. It’s just I’d love to see you beautiful face and not the mattress.” Stef said as she patted the mattress. Lena pulled a pile of baby books off her bedside table.

    “I’ve just got all these baby books to read honey.”

    “it’s no that complicated you know. They eat, they cry the poop. That’ pretty much all you need to know.” Stef said with a slight laugh in her voice.  She took a deep breath. “I know we can’t afford a new mattress but what if we can sell this one? We could do that”

    “No, I think it’s illegal to sell a used mattress.” Lena said thinking.

    “No it’s illegal to cut tags of pillows.” Stef said,

    “Why is that?”

    “I don’t know.” Stef said. “Look I hate the crack between the two of us, we barely cuddle anyone. Hello over there.” Stef said, as her hand reached round to Lena’s side of the bed.

    “I think we should keep it. it will be great when I’m pregnant. Can adjust the position and be more comfortable.” Lena dismissively said.

    “Yeh your right.” Stef said with her arm resting on her forehead. She was giving up on the argument.  “someday we will be intimate again, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

    “Honey we were intimate last week when we inseminated.” Lena said,

    “There was nothing intimate about that.” Stef said, then stopped when she realised what she had said. Stef rolled onto her side when she saw the look on Lena’s face. “I’m sorry…” as she rolled over fully her knee hit the remote turning on the massage button. She got angry at that point and took the battery’s out throwing them and the remote onto the bedside table. Lena watched her. before Stef looked at her again.  Lena put the books to one side. She pushed the button to make her bed flight and rolled onto her side she was looking at Stef. “I shouldn’t have said that.

    “No.” Lena said, Stef reached out taking her wife’s hand. “We were making our baby Stef how is that not intimate.”

    “It didn’t feel it. I know I made love to you babe. But it was so clinical.” Stef said, moving her body so she was closer to her wife. “Sometimes all I wanna do is cuddle with you. if we’re sleeping on different levels I can’t do that.” Lena moved and snuggled up to her wife. Stef lay onto her back, put her arm around her wife, holding her closer. Lena’s arm going over her wife’s stomach and her head onto her shoulder. She had to admit this felt wonderful. They both breathed in. Stef’s hand slowly running up and down Lena’s back and softly moving along her arm. Lena found herself relaxing. For the first time in weeks. She closed her eyes.

    “This feels so good.” Lena whispered.

    “Because its been so long since we did this.” Stef said before kissing her wife’s forehead, three times. Holding her close. “I’m sorry for my smart mouth.”

    “It’s one of the reasons I love you babe.” Lena grinned. Looking at her wife, “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have that smart mouth. just wish you’d engage your brain before opening your mouth.” Lena said, Stef smiled.

    “I do try love.”

    “I know you do.” Slowly Lena closed her eyes, Stef’s fingers still slowly moving over her arm and back. her breathing slowly become even and Stef grinned as her wife slept in her arms for the first time in months. She loved this feelings. She didn’t want to let her go. She slowly closed her eyes. Holding her close. Never wanting to let her go. Wanting to wake up with her wife in her arms, knowing that she was totally surrounded by their love. Slowly Stef drifted off to sleep.


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