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    Stef threw a match into the grill lighting it. she smiled. She loved being grill woman. it was her main job. At any family BBQ and today was no different. Today they were celebrating her and Lena’s tenth anniversary. Surrounded by the kids and some close friends. She looked up and grinned at Lena in tight jeans and flowing top. She loved her wife’s casual look. Lena put some steaks, burgers and hot dogs onto the table beside the grill.

    “Wow babe, you look good enough to eat.” Stef laughed.

    “bad joke that Stef, but later you can eat me.”

    “Mmm, my kinda eating.” Stef said slowly. They kissed giggling at each other.

    “Eww do you have too?” Mariana said as she came out with the bread rolls.

    “It’s our anniversary. We’re allowed to kiss, plus your mama has the most kissable lips.” Stef winked. Lena giggled. She loved how Stef did this to the kids.

    “You two need to seriously stop.”

    “Why?” Lena asked her daughter as everybody came out with some plates and the last of the chairs.

    “Because we’ve got guests.” Mariana said.  Stef looked around at their friends, her father standing in a corner talking to Lena’s dad. Dana and Sharon laughing. Jenna and Kelly standing with them.

    “Oh, they know we love each other.” Stef said smiling as Mariana and the boys went to see their mates who were already here. Lena looked at her partner.

    “You shouldn’t be so curl to them.” Lena said slowly.


    “Because I don’t want to have to pay for their therapy.” Stef laughed at Lena’s comment.

    “Why not? I would rather be kissing you.” Lena kissed Stef one more time before moving off. As she did Kelly came over to chat to Stef.

    “Hey Stef, how are you?”

    “Good, how are you?” Stef asked as she put meat onto the grill.

    “I’m good, you look so happy.” Kelly grinned.

    “Well ten years with my woman, it makes me happy. She’s amazing.”

    “Lena is still so happy too. I don’t know how you two do it?”

    “What?” Stef asked. Kelly looked at her.

    “Three teenagers and you still look a little loved up.”

    “Gotta keep the magic alive.” Stef grinned. “Plus today is our tenth anniversary.” Stef turned the meat over and called out that the food was ready. Soon everyone was eating. Lena walked over to Stef as she took of the last of the meat. She put her arms around her waist and popped her head onto her shoulder.

    “I love you baby,” Lena said. Stef grinned as  she could smell the wine on her partners breath.

    “I love you too.”

    “I can’t wait for you to eat me….out” She whispered.

    “When everyone has gone, I’ll eat you all night if you want babe.” Stef smiled.

    “Oh I love that.” Stef turned and kissed her.


    Once everyone had left, Lena and Stef went to bed, kissing, Stef kicked the door shut letting go of Lena as She made sure it was closed. The last thing she wanted was one of the kids seeing them.  She turned around and grinned, Lena was lay completely naked in the middle of their bed.

    “Dinner is served.” Lena said, she was drunk. Stef liked drunk Lena as she got horny. Stef stripped out of her clothes and got onto the bed, as Lena pushed her down to her wet centre. Stef laughed before licking and sucking on Lena’s clit. Lena moaned. Pushing her hands into Stef’s hair.  “Oh baby, you know…you’re amazing…ahh…” she came quickly. As Stef’s talented tongue worked

    “Ten years and I’ve still got it.” Stef laughed as she moved back up Lena after Lena had come twice.

    “You really have. Wow.” They kissed slowly. Stef smiled as Lena’s hand found her centre and three fingers were pushed into her.

    “Ahh, babe,” Lena move her fingers quickly in and out of Stef. Stef kissed Lena trying not to moan as her hips moved in time with Lena’s fingers. Lena looking at her.

    “Ten years and I still have it.” she said slowly as Stef came hard. Trying not to scream,  “Happy anniversary baby.”

    “You know how to treat a girl well.” Stef laughed as they lay together curled up like they did after the first time all those years ago.

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