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    Lena lay in bed, waiting for Stef to come out of the bathroom. It has been a long day. Stef’s first day back at work, Jesus being punched, Mariana suspended, Jude thinking he was leaving and Brandon got a restraining order. All in one day. Se just wanted a hug, more than anything else right now.

    “Oww fftt” Stef made the noises as she came out shaking her hair out, wearing her baggiest trousers. Lena smiled. Watching her wife. “other than that Mrs Lincoln how was your day?” she said as she rubbed Lena’s foot as she walked past to her side of the bed which was in the upright position.

    “Oh it was fine. You know same old. How was your first day back?” Lena asked. watching as Stef got into her side of the bed, pulling her pillow up to her head.

    “Same as it ever was.” Stef said, getting comfy.  “my new partner is a delight.” Lena noticed the sarcasm at once. “I’m exhausted.” Stef gripped the controller and lowered the bed.

    “Me too, it’s been a long day” as she moved her book she looked as Stef moved closer to her. taking the remotes and putting them  onto Lena’s beside table, she pulled Lena to her.

    “What’s the matter love?” she asked as she held Lena. Lena put her head onto Stef’s chest the one place sometimes she felt completely safe.

    “Today I’ve been a complete mess.” Stef kissed her forehead three times. Rubbing her arms. Holding onto her wife.


    “I…” She stopped. Stef looked at her.

    “You can talk to me you know, ten years together and three weeks married we can do this.” Stef jokily said.

    “I’m scared Stef.  You went back to work I tried to call you so many times. I just wanted to know you were alright. It killed me. I worried all day. You’re my life. God. You’re the love of my life. I have never felt so powerless then when I saw you in hospital. I just wanted to know you were okay” Stef suddenly felt guilty. Her mind going crazy. She had known that Lena had been scared. She just hadn’t picked up how badly. Lena closed her eyes.

    “I’m sorry. I won’t leave my phone at the station again.”

    “Thank you.” Lena kissed Stef’s lips.

    “It’s been a long day.”

    “I never thought I’d be the panicked one.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I sat in my office wanting to hear your voice. Just to know you love me.”

    “You know I love you,” Stef kissed her head again.

    “yes I do. I love you too babe.” Lena turned over pulling Stef with her over onto her side of the bed, Stef spooned into Lena, holding her, kissing her neck. Pulling her closer.

    “Goodnight love.” Stef whispered

    “Goodnight babe.” Lena said softly before both going to sleep while holding each other.


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