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    Brandon And Lena

    Lena smiled as she walked towards Brandon, she was picking him from after school club as usual. She looked at him playing with a couple of other children. She walked over.

    “Hey B, you ready?” She asked. her partners five year old son. They had been living together for six months now and Brandon had become a big part of her life as well as Stef.

    “Hey, yeh I ready.” He gripped his bag Lena walked away.

    “Wow you going home with Ms Adams.” One of the little boys said.

    “She’s my other mommy.” Brandon said proudly. Lena stood there shocked. He had always called her Lena. she watched.

    “you cant have two mommy’s.” the little boy said. Looking at him. Lena watched to see if Brandon could handle this. they’d explained to him as best they could what was happening.

    “I can. I have a Mommy and a daddy and a mommy. My mommy lives with my other Mommy who is Ms Adams”

    “Oh she your mommy is gay.”

    “Yes but that’s okay.” Lena smiled.

    “come on B.” She said slowly reaching her hand out.

    “I’m coming Mama.” He ran to her. her heart did a little flip. She couldn’t believe the feelings. They got into the car, Brandon talking about his day and Lena saying ‘yeh’ and ‘oh lovely’ in all the right places. She couldn’t take her mind of the fact he was calling her mom. She knew Stef would be home when they arrived back. she grinned when she pulled into the drive. They walked into the house through the back door, Brandon taking his backpack of.

    “mama I need my homework.” He said as Stef walked into the room, she looked completely shocked that he was talking to Lena and not her. she watched as Lena took of her jacket.

    “MOMMY.” He ran at a casually dressed Stef, who picked him up hugging him.

    “Hey bud how was your day?” Stef asked holding onto her son.

    “Its was good, I love you.”

    “I love you too bud.” She rubbed her nose against his. He giggled. Before trying to get down. She let him go as he ran upstairs.

    “So are you Mama then?” Stef said leaning against the door frame.”

    “I didn’t ask him…” Lena said at once. She felt like she was stepping on Stef’s toes.

    “I know you wouldn’t love,”

    “He just came out with it. he was talking to another boy at school and said I was his other mom. Then he called me Mama.”

    “How do you feel about it?” Stef asked, walking over and taking her woman in her arms.

    “It’s freaked me out.” Lena admitted. Stef kissed her.

    “Well it’s a fact of life.” Stef said gently kissing Lena’s lips for a chase kiss. “you’re my woman. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, which means you’re always gonna be his other mom. And I love you so much.”

    “I love you too.” Lena smiled.

    “I didn’t ask him to call me anything but Lena.”

    “I know that babe” Stef smiled.

    “I better start dinner.” They kissed one more time and Stef grinned.

    “I love it.”

    “What?” Lena said moving away.

    “That he has taken on you are my woman and that we’re in love and that I love you so much. And you are his other parent.”

    “Wow Stef you have a way with words.”

    “Thanks. Now dinner woman. I’ve been arresting criminals all day you know.” Lena laughed and smacked Stef’s ass. Both of them laughing. Before starting dinner.

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