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    Chapter 1 present day

    Chapter 1.


    Present Day

    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,


    District Of Columbia




    President Lena Adams walked out of the White House, smiling at the crowds that had gathered to see her, she’d just returned from a visit to the United Kingdom and the crowds had gathered to see her.

    She walked along the drive with a number of her detail as well as Stef who was walking beside her. looking around. They had become good friends as well as employee and employer. Lena was getting more and more popular as her term went on.

    Stef watched as the gates opened and Lena walked out into the crowds.

    Lena was working the crowd, shaking hands. Talking to people. Stef stood close to her. All the security were watching.

    She saw it.

    The gun, Stef moved quickly as the gun went off. The sound causing people to start running and screaming.

    Before Lena could even register the sound or what was happening. Stef knocked her to the ground, landing on top of her. Protecting her.

    Lena was shaking. Three other detail ran towards them, as the area was cleared and another three shots rang out. Lena tried to move but she couldn’t it was like Stef was a dead weight.

    Lena was pulled out from under Stef, she looked down and saw blood everywhere, as well as down on her clothes. The woman who had been protecting her for a year, had taken a bullet for her. Two detail tried to move her away from the scene.

    “No, no, no,” Lena kept repeating, her eyes still looked on Stef’s body which as now surrounded by medical professionals.

    “We need to get you inside Madam President.”  One of her detail said.

    “Stef, I need to know she’s okay.” Lena had gone into shock and wasn’t thinking right. She was put into the car and driven back up the drive way, as she went inside she could hear the sirens of emergency vehicles coming towards the scene.

    Lena could still see Stef laying in the middle of the street motionless.

    She looked down at herself as she went into the Oval Office, her dress was covered in the blood. Marcus, her Chef of Staff walked in, seeing his boss, who was pale with shock.

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