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    Date Night

    Tina stood in front of the mirror in her walk in closet trying to work out the best look. She knew she didn’t look the way she did seventeen years ago, but she knew she was still sexy. She picked out a colourful shirt, with black pants and matching knee length jacket. She put her feet into six inch heels. She checked herself out in the mirror, making sure she looked good before heading into the bathroom and lightly did her make up. She didn’t want to put too much on, she enjoyed the natural look these days. She was just looking forward to spending some time with Bette. it had been a long time since she’d felt that.




    Bette had picked her up on time and they had gotten to the restaurant a little early. However their table had been ready and they had been shown to a quiet table overlooking the New York skyline. Tina looked out at the busy city below them, the sun was starting to set yet people were still all around them.

    “Erm, what would you like to drink Tina?” Bette asked softly.

    “What are you having?”

    “They have some really nice mocktails.”

    “Sounds good,” Tina smiled. “You don’t drink anymore.”

    “No,” Bette stopped as a waitress came over and took their drinks order. Once she had gone Bette looked at Tina. “When you left, erm, and you’d told the police you were safe but weren’t coming back I spent about six months drinking, smoking and taking drugs.”

    “Bette,” Tina’s hand went to her face, trying to cover her shock,

    “I…I knew I had thrown my life away by such a silly mistake, with a woman who frankly wasn’t even better looking than you. I just liked the attention, liked that she wanted me. I was a fool. Anyhow, Shane found me one night face down in the pool, she dragged me out. I sobered up, took about three months of live in rehab, while I was there I decided I wanted to get pregnant.”

    “You had your daughter?”

    “Yeah, she’s just turned fifteen, she’s smart, too smart. She’s also very talented.”

    Tina could see how proud she was of her.

    “When I left, I didn’t know where I was going. I was in a motel in San Diego when the police turned up to check on me. I told them I was fine and they just left. I then drove across America, I was in some small town in Maryland when the lorry hit the building. I was hurt, as I’ve explained. I won compensation from the drivers company,”

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    1. Wow, this is a good beginning for these two. So much history, yet such a long period of separation. Now a second date for an entire weekend… that sounds like they will not be taking things as slowly as they think. But we shall see.

      Thanks for this update…. cannot wait to read more.

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