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    Getting Caught

    Stef walked into the kitchen after she had showered and changed and grinned at Lena, who was putting the finishing touches to the dinner table. As she lent over Stef got a brilliant view of Lena’s breasts. She cocked her head to one side. Making sure she could watch.

    “Baby stop looking.” Lena said without looking up as she put the glasses out.


    “My breasts. Stop please.” Lena said as she turned. Stef made her away around the table as Lena threw the salad together. Stef came up behind her. her hands snaking around Lena’s thin waist.

    “I love your breasts baby.”

    “they are not as big as yours.” Lena smiled as Stef’s hands went up her top and slowly took her breasts into her hands. slowly rubbing them.

    “Yeh but yours are prefect.” Stef kissed her neck being glad that Lena had her hair up on her head. “and a lace bra, you know what I like.”

    “I didn’t dress for you this morning babe.”

    “oh you did.” Stef said as she slowly rubbed Lena’s breasts. Lena turned around making Stef’s hands move to her smooth back, they kiss. Slowly, Stef’s hands dropping to her waist. As Lena’s hands went to Stef’s pert ass. They kissed, open mouthed their tongues in each others mouths. It had been a while since they had kissed this way.  Both of them going for it. Lena having a good feel of Stef’s ass

    “Eww seriously.” came Jesus’s voice. They broke apart, both blushing wildly. “you do know we eat in here right.”

    “And you know that this is mine and your mama’s house.”  Stef said grinning as Lena pulled her top down which had road up from where Stef had had her hands.

    “Doesn’t mean you can make out like teenagers?” Jesus said grinning

    “Oh and you can?” Stef said, stepping forward.

    “Mom last time I checked I’m still a teenagers, your like 30 years too late to be doing it now.”

    “Hey young man I’ll have you know it’s about 24 years since I was a teenager so don’t start” Stef laughed as she spoke. looking back at Lena she winked at her knowing they would finish what they started later

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