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    Green Eyed Monster

    Lena looked out of the window of the new house that her parents had helped them buy now that Stef was fully divorced. They had moved in the month before. Now she’s standing at the window watching Stef and Mike talking, a year after their relationship started Mike was finally coming to terms with the fact that his former wife was a lesbian and now living with a woman. Lena watched as Stef and Mike started laughing and she touched his arm. It hit her like a punch to the stomach. she’d never felt this jealous before. She watched as they talked, laughing and joking with six year old Brandon. she didn’t want to watch but she couldn’t help it. soon she saw Brandon kiss his mom and give her a massive hug before going with his father. Stef came up the steps. Opening the door. Lena moved away from the window but she knew she couldn’t hide the way she felt. Stef closed the door and smiled at Lena, she loved their weekends alone. Stef took in her girlfriend she saw at once something was wrong.

    “What’s the matter?” Stef asked slowly walked towards Lena, putting her hands onto her slim hips.

    “It’s silly.” Lena said, looking down. she didn’t want to look Stef in the eyes. Stef gently placed her fingers under Lena’s chin and slowly made her look at her. smiling softly at her. she slowly ran her thump along her jaw line.

    “Talk to me babe.” Stef asked softly. It was the first time she had seen Lena like this and it scared her slightly.

    “I’m jealous.” Lena whispered. her voice barely coming out.

    “Of What or who?” Stef asked, looking deep into her girlfriends eyes, her hand still on her face. Lena gently put her hands onto Stef’s hips.

    “Mike.” Lena said after a moment of silence.

    “Why baby?” Stef asked, she couldn’t understand how Lena could be jealous. Lena took a deep breath, her body shaking slightly.

    “Because you still seem to be so close to him.”

    “He’s B’s father love. Its best I get on with him. easier for us and easier for B. why would you be so jealous?” Stef asked again.

    “You’ll think it’s silly.” Lena said pulling away. She crossed her arms.

    “Please talk to me.” Stef said. “You’re always so open. I need to you to now love.”

    “Because of the way you laugh with him okay. the way you are so relaxed with him. he is your ex husband, I know you need to get on with him. I know that but I just can’t cope with the feelings I got in my stomach when you were talking to him. it was like a knot. It hurts. You’re my lover, my woman….” She stopped hearing the words coming out of her. she looked down. Stef walked over to Lena taking her back into her arms.

    “I’m your lover, I’m your partner, I’m yours. I want to be yours. I don’t want to be with anyone else. Why would I? have you looked in the mirror Lena you are so sexy. I love you so much. I wouldn’t want anyone else. Plus I’m gay. I will always love Mike because he gave me Brandon but you are the only woman I want. You’re my woman. you’re my best friend. I love you so much. Please remember that.” Stef smiled. Lena kissed her.

    “I’m sorry.” Lena said,

    “I’ll let you off this once.” Stef smiled. Before kissing Lena again. Lena takes Stef’s hand.

    “Come on you, lets go out,”

    “Where?” Stef asked,


    “Okay, I love you Lena.”

    “I love you too Stef, so much.” They kissed one last time before they got ready for the their weekend together.

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