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    Her Birthday Weekend

    I feel like a fool. It’s the first time in months we have had alone time. I’ve managed to get my mom to have all three kids and we are going to Barstow for the weekend. It’s my woman’s birthday but the hotel has decided it’s full when two women turned up. I’m gutted. We are sat in the car park. Lena takes my hand. She kisses it.

    “It happens.”

    “How can they take my deposit and then say sorry we are full here is your money back. they may as well as said. We don’t like gays, and we’re not having gay women staying in our four star hotel. Shit” I know she hates me cursing but seriously. I can’t be doing with it. “This is your birthday weekend. It’s ruined.”

    “No it’s not” I look over at Lena. she’s been in my life for five years now. Five happy years. I just needed to show her I could do something special for her. but it’s all gone wrong.  “There is a store there and a burger place, and a cheap motel who won’t care we are lesbians.” She pointed out. I smile. She can make things perfect.

    “I’ll get the hotel and wine you get the burgers okay?”  I said looking at her. she smiled. Her amazing, cute smile.

    “Okay, do you want fries with that?” she joked. I grinned.

    “Sure,” I moved the car into the cheap ass motel place. I went to the counter. The young guy grinned at me before giving me a key. I then went over to the store getting a bottle of wine. I laugh at Lena standing with the take out bag. It was unlike her, she always eats so healthy. We go into the room, oh man is horrible. Lena put the food onto the beside table and looked around.

    “Eww, roaches.” Lena said, looking in the corner. She got onto the bed, at least the sheets were clean. She crossed her legs, I opened the wine. Washing the glasses I pour the wine and we eat the worst cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. We sit in silence. Eating. When we’re done and the wine is almost gone I look at her.

    “I’m sorry, this is total crap.” I said. She kisses me.

    “I’m alone with you. That’s all that matters.” I grin at her we kiss again, while we are kissing we manage to undress each. I love the feeling of her skin against mine. We are kissing and touching. She is totally amazing. she knows where to touch me. to make me feel good. I pulled away. looking at her.

    “Happy birthday baby.” I said. She grinned at me.

    “Thank you.” I slipped my hand between her legs. Slowly pushing two fingers deep into her. she moaned as her hand found my centre. Our bodies moving together. As we slowly made love. Together. Kissing, holding on to each other. I curl my fingers. Finding that spot. This is the slowest we’ve made love in ages. Our hips and fingers moving in time. I felt her pull away and we look into each other eyes as we somehow manage to come to together. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s rare for this to happen. she smiles before kissing the end of my nose

    “Best birthday present ever. Lena said grinning. I laughed. Before kissing her again. loving the feeling of her in my arms.

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