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    I think We’re alone now

    Lena took in a deep breath, she was fed up. since the shooting, every time they got a few quite moments Mike had showed up. tonight all the kids were out doing something or other, and she had planned a romantic dinner with her wife. But as the had sat down with their bottle of wine and the meal she had cooked for them both the doorbell had rung out and Mike had come in. she knew he was bored and he saw his ex wife as his friend but she needed some time alone with her wife. She quite time for them to romance each other, make love and just enjoy being together. Now they are sat in the living room listening to Mike. Stef had noticed that Lena was frustrated. Mike flipped on the TV. Stef looked at him, it hit here, Mike was spending too much here, that he felt at home enough to just put the TV on. Lena watched him. before gripping Stef’s hand and dragging her into the down stairs bathroom. She pushed Stef against the wall and started undoing Stef’s flannel shirt

    “Lena what are you doing?”

    “Fucking you.” Lena replied. Stef didn’t even know how to respond. Lena didn’t curse. Not even when they made love. It was a turn on as Lena opened Stef’s jeans. “And I want you to be loud.”

    “But Mike…” Stef started as Lena unhooked the front clasp of her bra pushing it aside. Lena looked at her

    “Yeh I know, now be loud woman,” Stef gasped as Lena took her nipple into her mouth and grazed her teeth along the hard mound. Her hand went into Lena’s hair. As Lena’s hand pushed her jeans down with her panties. Stef rested her head back against the wall, her mouth open. She was so used to be quite that she was finding it hard to be loud. Then Lena bit down her nipple as she pushed three fingers into her love.

    “AHH, LENA. FUCK…LENA JUST THERE..” she screamed as Lena rubbed that spot that Mike had never found. Lena’s thumb rubbing against her clit. Stef couldn’t believe how good it felt. She looked into Lena’s eyes.

    “Weeks I’ve waited to do this love, weeks” she said as she trust hard into her. Stef held on to her.

    “I’m coming babe.”

    “Well make it loud.” Lena grinned.


    “LEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAA, OH BABE.”  Mike heard his ex wife’s scream. He had never heard her that loud on scream anyone’s name like that. It hit him. he shouldn’t stay. He got up and left.


    “Mmm, that was loud.” Lena smiled looking at Stef who looked like she had been well fucked.

    “You hit that spot.” Stef said, she did her bra and shirt up. pulling her jeans up.

    “I know your body babe.” Lena said slowly. Hugging Stef.

    “What bought this on?” Stef asked.

    “Every time we’ve a few hours to ourselves Mike has turned up and I got completely frustrated it was wrong I know. But I just needed to, well make love to you.” Stef grinned, rubbing Lena’s back.

    “I love you,” Stef grinned. They both sorted each other out and went back into the living room. Stef looked around “Mike,” she called.

    “I think he left.” Lena said, looking outside and seeing that Mike’s car had gone.

    “Well before the kids get home, get upstairs woman so I can repay you.” Lena laughed as she ran upstairs with Stef following both laughing.

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