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    I’m Home

    Stef opened the front door of their house, it was quite with all the kids being at school. She smiled to herself. As she closed the front door.

    “LENA.” Stef yelled.

    “UUUPPPPSSSTTTTAAAAIIIIIRRRRRSSSS.” Came Lena’s sexy voice from upstairs. Stef smiled.  She slowly walked up stairs after dropping her bag on the floor near the bottom of the stairs. She saw their bedroom door was open. She walked into their bedroom and her jaw dropped she couldn’t help it. Lena was lay on her side, barely wearing a half cup bra and French knickers.

    “Wow,” Stef managed.

    “See something you like honey.”

    “You know I do wow babe.” She couldn’t move. Lena got up and walked towards her, her hips swaying softly as she walked to give Stef the full effect, this was their reconnection. They couldn’t remember the last time they’d made love and now Lena was walking towards her. her brain had stopped working as she watched her partner. Lena reached her and kissed her softly, her hand going to Stef’s neck, pulling her closer. They kissed slowly as Lena’s hand moved to Stef’s shirt. As Stef’s hands moved along her back. not breaking the kiss Stef walked them backwards towards the bed. they feel onto the bed, kissing passionately now as Lena managed to pull off Stef’s shirt Stef broke the kiss.

    “I need to be totally unsexy now babe.”  Stef said,


    “My boots.” Lena laughed. Stef got up unlaced and pulled off her police issue boots, as she started to undo her belt her hands where pushed away by Lena. Stef hadn’t noticed but while she was taking her boots off, Lena had got naked.  “Oh my God.” Stef said watching as a naked Lena undressed her.

    “Like what you see.” Lena smiled.

    “ten years and you’ve not changed. You’re as sexy as you where. I don’t know how I go so long without fucking you senseless.”

    “Language Stefanie please.”

    “Sorry” Stef said as Lena pulled her t-shirt off. Finally getting her naked. They started kissing again and they fell back onto the bed, both of their hands running over each other’s bodies re-exploring areas they hadn’t touched in months.  Their lips not leaving each others. They rolled over, Stef now under Lena smiling into the kisses. Lean pulled back and sat in the middle of the bed, making Stef sit on her lip facing her, her feet hitting their pillows. Looking at each other as they started to kiss again, this time hands moving down. Together they pushed two fingers into each other. Slowly making love to each other, Stef’s free hand lost in Lena’s curls while Lena’s hand was locked around the back of Stef’s neck as they kissed. Stef pulled back looking deep into Lena’s eyes both of them moaning. Needing each other. There foreheads resting against each others. Their eyes completely locked on each other as it was building. Both of them moving faster and harder. They moans and gasps filling the air. As they came together, moaning each other’s names. Their bodies shaking as the feel to one side. Stef suddenly holding onto Lena. with hands.

    “I love you Lena.” Stef managed. Lena smiled.

    “Love you too. wow.”

    “We need to do this more often.”

    “I agree.” Lena smiled. Kissing Stef again. Stef looked at the clock.

    “I’ve got time for another round.”

    “Oh good.” Lena smiled rolling Stef onto her back and starting to kiss her again.


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