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    It’s Final

    “Yes.” Lena smiled. Looking at Stef’s face.  she reached out with her free hand pushing Stef’s hair behind her ear. “Would you like a drink?”

    “I’d love a glass of wine but I need to call my mom first.”

    “I’ll get the wine you can use my phone to call your mom.”

    “thanks.” Lena got up, passing her the phone. Stef dialled her mom’s number.

    “Hello.” Sharon said.

    “Hey mom.”

    “Hey sweets you okay?”

    “I’m official divorced.” She said slowly.

    “Where are you?”

    “With Lena. how is Brandon?”

    “He is fine, do you want me to keep him tonight?”

    “Would you mind?” Stef smiled.

    “Stef, spend the evening with your girlfriend. You in work tomorrow?”

    “No, I’m off for four days now.”

    “Good. So you can spend time with B tomorrow.”

    “Thanks mom.”

    “Pleasure. Behave.”

    “I’ll try love you.”
    “I love you too Stef.” With that they said goodbye. Lena walked in with the wine.

    “How is your mom?” She asked. they hadn’t meet yet.

    “Good, she’s going to keep Brandon for me. so…I can either…” Stef stopped going red. Their relationship was still so new and she didn’t want to over step the mark. Lena put the wine onto the coffee table and pulled Stef to standing and into her arms. She kissed her slowly. Her hands going to Stef’s ass. A part of her body she loved.

    “You can stay. I want you here. Just us.” Lena smiled.

    “So slumber party?”

    “Mmmm naked pillow fight?” Lena grinned. She couldn’t help it. Stef bought this side of her out.

    “I’d rather not have a pillow fight.”

    “But you don’t mind being naked.”

    “with you.” Lena laughed. Before kissing Stef again. both getting lost in the kiss. Lena lay Stef onto the floor. Opening her jeans. Slipping her hand down and rubbing her clit. Stef’s hips moving with Lena’s fingers. Lena slipped two fingers deep into her. kissing her passionate. Stef’s hands lost in her hair. She moaned into the kiss and Lena knew she was close. Suddenly she came. Hard. Holding onto Lena. Lena smiled, looking down at her.

    “I love you today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

    “I love you too.” Stef said, her eyes closing. She lay there, catching her breath. Loving that Lena was so close and that she was her future.

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