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    Just A Second

    Stef threw herself back onto the bed as her mother left the room. This wedding was starting to get to her. she didn’t know why. It was hard for her. something was holding her back. she really didn’t know why it was getting her down. She should have been overjoyed. Right now she was getting angry at everything. She couldn’t cope with the feeling she had in her stomach. a nagging feeling. As she threw her arms over her eyes she heard the soft footfall of the woman she loves more than anything else. Why did she have these bad feelings about what should be the happiest day of her life. She took a deep breath.

    “It’s not just me, they are crazy, they are crazy making.” Lena said sitting down onto the bed.  Stef took a deep breath.

    “No, it’s not just you.”

    “Thank you.”

    “No thank you for not being crazy. All of this fuss over some stupid wedding.” Stef almost yelled  the word wedding. Lena looked down at her woman, hating that Stef kept saying this

    “Is there are reason you, keep, keep referring to it as a stupid wedding.” Stef uncovered her eyes and sat up looking at Lena who was now mad.

    “No, no it’s…” Stef didn’t finish as Lena carried on

    “because ever since you proposed to me, you’ve been making cracks about how dumb it is and how silly these traditions are.  And, and you been dam right hostel to anything as ridicules as walking down the aisle, or wearing dress or even writing vows. Don’t do me any favours, if you don’t wanna get married, lets not, lets not get married.” Stef sat open mouthed as their bathroom door slammed shut. She knew she’d over stepped the mark

    “Ohh,” she took a deep breath. Completely shocked. She couldn’t understand why she was doing it. then she listened. It wasn’t her voice it was her fathers. She took a deep breath and got up, as she left her room she saw Mariana stood there, looking shocked.


    “What Miss Thing?” Stef said slowly.

    “You and Mama fighting. She just said you’re not getting married.”

    “That is not what was just said Mariana. I’m going to fix this okay, I’m going to make sure that this gets fixed.”

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