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    Left Out

    As the door closed behind Callie Stef looked a the floor.

    “This is why I wanna go with an anonymous donor.” She spoke softly. Lena looked at her before shifting on her seat

    “Well, what if Timothy would agree to be anonymous. There are contacts…”

    “we don’t even know if Timothy is interested.” Stef said looking at her wife, Lena suddenly couldn’t make eye contact with her wife and Stef knew at once there was more to this. “Or do we?” She sounded completely lost. How could this be happening? Lena wasn’t talking to her again.

    “He erm he mentioned it. after that dinner.” Stef nodded. She felt completely gutted.

    “Well that’s great. tell you what why don’t you give me a ring when the baby’s born and I’ll swing by the hospital and pick you up? unless you already have a ride” she tapped Lena lap and got up.

    “Honey.” Stef moved to leave.

    “I have to get to work.”

    “Stef Please.” Stef stopped holding onto the door handle.

    “What?” She said, looking back at Lena.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

    “You should, we’re supposed to be in this together.”

    “We are.” Lena said getting up, she stood looking into her wife’s eyes.

    “It doesn’t feel like it.” Stef said softly. “I know it’s your body. But we’re married. We’ve been together for ten years. Never and I mean this Lena have I  felt so left out of our life.” Stef said slowly.

    “I’ve never meant to babe. I don’t want you to feel left out. You’re going to be this baby’s other mother.”

    “You need to talk to me.” Stef said. “I want us to have this baby, we’re having it together.”

    “Will you think about Timothy?” she asked. Stef looked at her

    “Yes, but I’m not saying that means I’m going to say yes.” Lena nodded.

    “How did I land on my feet with you Officer Adams Foster.” Stef smiled she couldn’t help.

    “I duno but maybe because no one else will put up with you.” Stef grinned.

    “I thought it was because you loved me.”

    “Oh there is that” Stef kissed her cheek. “Right I’ve really gotta get to work, I’ll see you at home.”

    “We are going to the wresting?”

    “Well we have to support our son. But I’ll need to get changed.”

    “I’ll see you at home then.” Stef kissed her goodbye and left. Still not completely happy. But knowing that things were going to improve.


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