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    Lena’s Birthday

    Lena got out of the car, she was tired. She couldn’t believe it had been such a long day and today was her birthday. It had been such a long day in work. She’d had enough. When she got the door of the house she had just bought with her wonderful girlfriend, She stopped when she saw a note taped to the door in Stef’s messy handwriting. She walked over dropping her case onto the floor and took the note.


    “I know today has been hard and long and you’re tired but this is my treat. Our time together. Today is your birthday and you know what I’m going to spoil you, because well I can. (Living room please) x”


    Lena laughed opening the front door, she heard soft guitar music playing. She looked around and saw another note laying on the coffee table. She gripped her bag and slammed the front door shut. She walked over and picked up the note. Grinning.


    “Last year this amazing woman walked into my life. She puts up with my smartass comments, my messy son, me not being able to iron very well and the fact that when I do cook it tastes. Well not as good as when she does. She’s made me realise that I love her completely. (please go to the dinning room) x”


    Lena grinned carrying the note with her she now had two in her hand as she walked into their dinning room. She grinned. There were still boxes in here that they hadn’t unpacked yet. However on the table lay another note.


    “You’ve made me realise who I really am. You’ve made sure that I came out of the closet, closets are for clothes anyway not me hiding in them. I love how you make me smile, how you love me. how you make me feel. I still get that geedy feeling when I wake up beside you, even when we are in our PJ’s. I love you completely, (kitchen please babe). X.”


    Lena slowly walked into the kitchen and smiled at the glass of white wine, a single red rose and another note.


    “Remember the first time we saw this house. you had rude thoughts about this table. Rude thoughts that we’ve already fulfilled. You are the love of my life Lena Adams. Eight months in and I know this. I know soon this house will be filled with children and laughter and you and me. my bad jokes. You’re laughter. I love you completely. (garden please babe) xxxx”

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