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    Let’s Make a baby

    Stef kissed Lena, as they slammed their bedroom. The kids all heard it but just thought there moms were fighting again, but they weren’t they were kissing passionately. Lena gasped as Stef picked her up her hands on Lena’s pert ass. Stef smiled before kissing Lena’s neck.

    “Baby, babe” Lena moaned as they made it to the bed, Stef dropped Lena onto it, watching her bonce slightly. She looked at her bedside table, everything they needed to make their baby was there. Lena smiled. “We’re going to do this.”

    “we are Mrs Adams Foster. We are going to make love and then I’m going to get you pregnant.” Stef grinned.

    “Wow that’s the sexist thing you have ever said to me babe.” Lena grinned.

    “Glad I’m this smooth.” Lena grinned at her wife loving that Stef was so playful.

    “You’re the smoothest woman I’ve ever met.” Lena laughed as she sat herself up and slowly undid Stef’s flannel shirt. Her fingers slowly running down her toned stomach. running over the scar before kissing her stomach. Stef moaned, gently running her hands along Lena’s shoulders. Lena looked up. past Stef’s sexy bra.

    “See something you like babe?” Stef asked.

    “For 11 years I’ve loved what I see.” She got up. removing her top and unzipping her pencil skirt. Stef watched her woman undress.

    “I will never tire of seeing you like this” Stef said once her wife was naked and her legs open, waiting for Stef, Stef watched as she removed her jeans watching Lena lay there playing with herself. Lena was slowly rubbing her own clit. Her head back as Stef stripped herself. Stef crawled between her legs. Kissing Lena’s breasts, she gently pushed Lena’s hand away from her wet centre. Slowly moving her own hand to wear Lena’s hand been. Slowly Stef pushed three fingers into her.

    “Ahh, Stef. Baby…ahh…god…” Lena moaned as her lips moved with Stef’s fingers. Stef smiled down at her, making love to her wife slowly. Tonight was important. Lena’s moans filled the room. The amazing sounds filling the room. Lena gasping. Stef kissed Lena as she came hard. Stef moved right away filling the syringe  Bending Lena’s legs, she did what she had to do, before turning Lena so her legs were raised, putting a pillow under hips before throwing a sheet over her, she lay with her. rubbing Lena’s stomach slowly.

    “How long do I need to stay this way?” Lena asked.

    “About half an hour. It’s all good.”

    “well I can put up with this.” she said as Stef kissed her again.

    “Glad to be of service. Hope you enjoyed that?”

    “You know I did.” Lena grinned. Before closing her eyes enjoying the feeling of her wife’s attention.

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