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    Midnight Snack

    Stef rolled over and reached out. The bed beside her was cold. She opened her eyes and looked around. The room was dark. She clicked the light. Seeing the door was open. She got up and walked bare foot downstairs. She pushed her hair back. seeing the kitchen light on. She walked in and smiled. Her sixth month pregnant wife was sat at the kitchen table making a snack. She walked in. taking in her wife. She looked so good pregnant. Stef went and sat in her seat next to Lena.

    “What are you doing?” Stef asked. watching her wife.

    “I’m getting a snack.”

    “It’s 12.20 am babe.” Stef said.

    “Tell that to the baby I’m carrying.” Stef got up and pulled Lena’s PJ shirt up exposing her pregnant stomach and said

    “It’s 12.20am bud what do you think you’re doing we’re supposed to be sleeping.” With that the baby kicked the same way it always did when Stef spoke to Lena’s stomach they both smiled. “You kicking me, how rude? I love you but you have to let Mama sleep, otherwise it’s me that gets yelled at.”  She kissed Lena’s stomach before pulling her top down. “Like the rest of our children our newest member is not listening to me.” Stef smiled. Lena laughed.

    “Well the baby has joined the rest of us then.” Lena laughed as she put her sandwich together.

    “True.” Stef gets up and opens the fridge and gets the bottle of OJ out. Looking at her wife. “Would you like some juice.”

    “Please.” Stef got them both glasses and watched as Lena made her a sandwich before plating everyone up.

    “let’s take this to bed come on.” Stef said taking the drinks they both went up stairs. Both getting into bed and Stef put the bed into the sitting position and the sat close eating the sandwiches.

    “This is fun.” Lena said. Looking at Stef who was almost on her side of the bed.

    “It’s nice.” Stef said. “You okay?”

    “Yeh, just hungry all the time.”

    “Well you are eating healthy enough.”

    “I’m doing what the doctor told me.” Lena said putting her empty plate on the bedside table.  “babe.”

    “Mmm” Stef managed as she finished her sandwich. Putting the plate on her side of the bed. before looking at Lena.

    “I love you.” Stef smiled. Before kissing her.

    “I love you too.” she rubbed Lena’s stomach as the baby kicked yet again. “Oh I love you as well, don’t wanna leave you out now do we.” Stef said to Lena’s stomach. Lena grinned.

    “this baby only kicks and moves about like crazy when you are close do you know that Mrs Adams Foster.”

    “It’s because I’m completely awesome.” Stef said grinning.

    “What? did I ask you to blow your own trumpet?” Lena said looking at her wife seriously.

    “No but if I don’t know one else will.” It was then that Lena cracked and started laughing.

    “Only you Stef.”

    “Bet you’re glad there is only one of me.” Stef said as eh kissed Lena’s cheek.

    “Yes, but I think the world is also thankful.” The both started laughing. “God I love you Stef.”

    “I love you too.” She said saying, holding her close.

    “I’m sleepy now.”

    “Come on.” They curled up together and soon Lena was sleeping in Stef’s arms. Loving the fact this woman was hers.

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