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    Stef opened her eyes. Completely naked. The sheets barely covering her ass. She’s lay on her stomach with her arms thrown out. Last night Lena and her had made love for the first time, in Stef’s small apartment, Brandon was staying at Mike’s. she’d come home and found Lena at her apartment, she’d cooked for her, enjoyed each other’s company made out on the sofa and then fallen into bed with each other, making love into the night. She moved when she heard the bedroom door open. She looked up and could not believe what she saw. Her jaw dropped. Lena was standing in the doorway holding a coffee, wearing nothing but her work shirt. She blinked a couple of times. No Lena was standing there wearing her dark blue Police Officers uniform shirt, her long legs looking stunning. Stef pushed herself up, resting her head on her hand taking her in,

    “Hey,” Lena said smiling.

    “You do know it’s an offence to be sexy in a police officers shirt.”

    “What you saying babe?” she asked as she took a drink of her coffee.

    “Not only did you removed that shirt from my body last night, you’re not wearing it and looking mightily fine.” Stef said pulling the sheets up.

    “Erm, Stef,”

    “Yes love.” Stef said, still looking at Lena in her shirt she couldn’t’ take her eyes of Lena standing there in her shirt.

    “Why are you covering you amazing breasts up?”

    “Cold.” Stef laughed looking up at Lena’s face. smiling, her girlfriend had her hair tied back.

    “Don’t lie babe, it’s lovely in here, I was enjoying the view.”

    “Like I am.” Stef said. Winking making Lena laugh. She hadn’t moved from the door. She put her coffee up down onto the draws. Looking at her woman. the woman she had spent the night claiming. She undid a couple of buttons on the shirt she was wearing, showing the curve of her perfect breasts. Stef lay watching her.

    “How is that?” Lena said, she was flirting. Stef loved this side to the quite woman. it only came out when you got to know her and knock down her walls.

    “A lot better.” Stef  admitted. She held her hand out and Lena walked over and sat on the bed, she reached over and slowly kissed Stef. Stef reached up. her fingers slowly running along her Lena’s jaw line. Stef pulled away laying down on her pillow looking at her. “I love you,” Stef said,

    “I love you too.” Lena said, resting her forehead against Stef’s. smiling. Watching her. Stef pulled her in kissing her again. her fingers undoing the last of the buttons on her shirt. Her hands found Lena’s breasts. Lena moaned into the kiss. Before rolling onto her side and breaking contact. She looked at Stef. Stef was still learning. She looked at Lena who was grinning lay there showing Stef her thin naked body.

    “You are so sexy Lena Adams, you know that.”

    “No, but I think the same about you.”

    “Good,” Stef moved closer, “But right now,” Stef put her lips against Lena’s ear “I’m going to fuck you in my shirt, making you scream.” Lena gasped. Stef knew she hated cursing but right now it seemed right. Lena moved as Stef’s fingers found her centre. She opened her legs, feeling Stef’s lips on her neck as Stef slipped two fingers into her using her thump on that magic spot. She wasn’t slow. she moved quickly making Lena gasp and moan. Lena’s hips moving with Stef’s fingers. Stef leant over her woman, looking in her face as moved quick and hard into her.

    “Stef Oh God babe, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” Lena screamed and came hard around Stef’s fingers. Stef smiled. Pleased with herself. Lena smiled. As Lena kissed her.  Stef removed her fingers.

    “I need a shower.” Stef grinned.

    “I need my breath back.” Lena laughed.

    “Oh I’m that good.” Lena smiled.

    “You’re learning. I can’t wait to teach you everything I know.”

    “Oh I look forward to that. I can’t believe we’ve just had sex and you’re wearing my shirt.”

    “I look good in your shirt. From your eyes I saw that.”

    “I know babe.” Grinning. She kissed Lena again.

    “Let’s get a shower, then breakfast.”

    “That is the best offer I’ve had.” Stef smiled. Both of them laughing. Stef moved and got up walking towards the bathroom, Lena simply watched her new woman’s sexy ass leave the room.

    “Best view of the day.” She smiled as she spoke.

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