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    “We’ve got to be out the door in 15.” Stef yelled up the stairs, today she was wearing a tight fitting green dress, she had bought for the party. Her blond hair curled around her face. Wearing heels, something she rarely did. The she saw Lena standing there, looking so sexy in her white suit. Her hair up, on her phone. checking her emails.

    “Wow.” Stef said she couldn’t help it.

    “Wow yourself.” Lena said as she looked Stef up and down. She couldn’t believe this woman. her muscular cop. Who looked amazing in her dress.

    “Mmm, we should dress up for each other more often.” Stef said. Said as she threw her bag onto the counter. She put her arms around Lena,

    “I know.”  Lena put her phone down her hands going to Stef’s ass as they kissed. Slowly Stef enjoying the kiss. She looked into Lena’s eyes.

    “You are so sexy.” Stef said, slowly, knowing that Lena was down because of her mother.  She went in for another kiss, this time. both of them wanting that little bit more. Stef’s hand went to Lena’s face as they kissed slowly. Open mouthed. Enjoying the fact that they had a few seconds alone. Then they hears heels on the hard wood stairs, they stopped kissing and looked at each other. Looking deep into each others eyes.

    “You guys need another bathroom.” Dana said coming into the room as Lena moved her hands from Stef’s ass, making Stef laugh as she moved away to get the gift bags.

    “You look lovely Dana.”

    “You really do mom.” Lena said, Stef saw Lena tense knowing she didn’t really like being around her mother. Stef grinned watching them together. Dana fussing and Lena wanting her to go. Stef winked at her as she left the room.

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