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    Private Times

    Stef pulled the SUV into the hotel parking lot. Lena looked up.

    “This is too much babe.”

    “we’re not paying love.” Stef said.

    “Who is?”


    “My mom and Dad.”

    “Yeh they wanted us to have some ‘alone’ time.” Stef made the quotation marks in the air. “I think they wanted the alone time with our six angels.” Stef smiled. She looked over at Lena, seven months ago she’d given birth to their son Charlie. They’d both fallen more in love however this was their first date since before he was born.

    “I have a feeling they wanted some time with Charlie.”

    “Yeh, I think so too.” Stef smiled before jumping out. Tonight she’s wearing a tight fitting shirt, jeans and a blazer. She looked good. Lena was wearing a blazer, flowing top and a skirt. She looked stunning. Stef walked around to the trunk and got their overnight bag out as Lena got out gripping her purse. She locked the car, took Lena’s hand and they walked together into the hotel.

    “Wow.” Lena said, this place was amazing. it was a four star place and it looked amazing. Stef walked over to the desk. A young man looked back at her and smiled.

    “Hello Welcome. How can I help you?” He asked,

    “Adams Foster we’ve got a room booked.” Stef said, he typed into the computer.

    “Ahh you’re in the Blue Suite.”

    “What?” Stef said looking back at Lena. who just grinned knowing her parents would have done something for them.

    “You’re in the blue Suite. I believe it’s yourself and your wife, if you’d like to follow Cameron he will take you up.”

    “Thank you.” Stef said as a young man stepped forward and took their bag. Stef reached out taking Lena’s hand. They followed the young man to their suite, he left them with a menu explaining that Lena’s father had paid for anything they wanted. Lena looked around the room, walking over to the baloney that looked over the sea. She stood taking in the clean sea air as Stef came up behind her. passing her a glass of wine and standing beside her. both of them looking out at the endless ocean.

    “This is amazing.”

    “Your dad seriously wanted us to have some alone time.” Stef said, smiling. Stef looked at Lena. she looked relaxed. Her hair up on the top of her head. Stef reached out and slowly ran her fingers along her jaw line, Lena looked at her. Stef was smiling. She slowly moved forward and kissed her lips softly. Lena smiled into the kiss. Kissing her wife again. Stef took her by her free hand and led her into the large sitting room. They sat together on the sofa. Lena started playing with Stef’s hair. As Stef kicked her shoes off.

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